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Video Link Chart Link Race Meet Race Date Race Number Surface Race Type Extended Race Type Distance Tempture Rain Fall Gallop Master Field Size Winning Post Position Horse Odds Favorite Half Mile Position Half Mile Time Final Time (Seconds) Final Time (M:SS.HH) Last Race Date Last Race Location Last Race Surface Last Race Distance Prior Polytrack Wins Prior Polytrack Starts Prior Turf Wins Prior Turf Starts Last Workout Location Route/Sprint Winners Sire Winners Owner Winners Trainer Winners Jockey Exacta Payout Superfecta Payout Trifecta Payout
Chart Fall 201810/5/20184Dirt CLM30NW2L60 - 116She's a Lucky One32.6No-5.7546.6571.701:11.706/22/2018PRMD5.50000CDTSFlat OutMcMakin Nelson and Dolezal Fred Anderson, Doug Morales, Edgar $398.60$587.99$1,221.45
Chart Fall 201810/10/20187Turf STKG2JPMorgan Chase Jessamine S.8.50 - 134Concrete Rose2.6No-248.04104.091:44.098/20/2018SART5.50011KEERTwirling CandyAshbrook Farm and BBN Racing LLC Arnold II, George Lezcano, Jose $43.00$348.89$571.60
Chart Fall 201810/12/20189Turf STKG3Buffalo Trace Franklin County S.5.50 - 139Chanteline3.3No-1.7544.7662.891:02.898/26/2018SART5.50036CDSMajesticperfectionTen Broeck Farm Inc. Asmussen, Steven Santana Jr., Ricardo $16.40$28.87$37.40
Chart Fall 201810/14/20181Dirt CLM406.50 - 74Went With the Wind1.9Yes-2.547.6779.611:19.616/10/2018CDD50000KEESWarrior's RewardGreen, Curtis Asmussen, Steven Santana Jr., Ricardo $9.20$17.69$17.60
Chart Fall 201810/6/201811Dirt MSW2YO70 - 123Limonite2.4Yes-8.7546.1884.491:24.499/1/2018SARD70000CDSLemon Drop KidWinchell Thoroughbreds LLC and Willis Horton Racing LLC Asmussen, Steven Santana Jr., Ricardo $13.30$133.30$53.75
Chart Fall 201810/6/201810Turf STKG1Shadwell Turf Mile S.80 - 131Next Shares23.4No-3.2547.1496.971:36.979/6/2018KDT8.3200418KEERArcharcharchIavarone Michael Iavarone Jules McClanahan Jerry Dunn Christopher T. Marasa William Robershaw Ritchie and Taylor Mark Baltas, Richard Gaffalione, Tyler $984.10$12,284.02$3,878.00
Chart Fall 201810/6/20185Dirt MSW2YO8.50 - 93Tiz Ella7.8No-6.547.89106.561:46.567/26/2018APT80001APRTiznowLothenbach Stables Inc. Block, Chris Marquez Jr., Carlos $41.00$431.18$211.20
Chart Fall 201810/14/20182Dirt ALWNW1STL8.50 - 44Roaming Union2.6No-0.547.87103.911:43.919/4/2018PRXD8.320100KEERUnion RagsHall, George Breen, Kelly Jimenez, Albin $5.20$0.00$0.00
Chart Fall 201810/13/20189Turf STKG1Queen Elizabeth II Challenge Cup S. presented by Lane's End90 - 77Rushing Fall0.4Yes249.22110.421:50.428/18/2018SART90056BELRMore Than Readye Five Racing Thoroughbreds Brown, Chad Castellano, Javier $8.90$17.23$14.30
Chart Fall 201810/6/20188Turf STKG1First Lady S.80 - 92A Raving Beauty (GER)3.2No0.549.1197.781:37.788/25/2018SART8.500420BELRMastercraftsman (IRE)Dubb Michael Madaket Stables LLC and Bethlehem Stables LLC Brown, Chad Velazquez, John $50.00$288.00$214.90
Chart Fall 201810/7/20186Turf STKIndian Summer S.5.50 - 122Strike Silver5.5No-11.2545.2565.001:05.007/21/2018SARD60000KEESViolenceOxley, John Casse, Mark Leparoux, Julien $25.40$347.04$358.50
Chart Fall 201810/5/20185Turf MSW2YO8.50 - 1211Moon Colony1.9Yes-1.549.53107.131:47.138/25/2018SART8.50001CDRUncle MoOxley, John Casse, Mark Leparoux, Julien $19.30$152.60$51.85
Chart Fall 201810/11/20187Turf ALWNW1X8.50 - 103Angel of Mischief2.2No-6.7547.21103.711:43.719/8/2018KDT6.50011CDRInto MischiefGlencrest Farm and Hold Your Horses Inc Casse, Norm Leparoux, Julien $10.20$50.52$49.85
Chart Fall 201810/11/20188Dirt AOCNW2L80 - 103Manny Wah6.9No0.12548.5298.391:38.399/15/2018CDD8.51100CDRWill Take ChargeMoulton, Susan Catalano, Wayne Hill, Channing $35.50$69.25$47.20
Chart Fall 201810/6/20189Dirt STKG1Claiborne Breeders' Futurity8.50 - 137Knicks Go70No147.59104.231:44.239/8/2018APAWS70100KEERPaynterKRA Stud Farm Colebrook, Ben Jimenez, Albin $688.90$2,764.82$2,658.20
Chart Fall 201810/12/20183Dirt CLM7.560 - 112Erin's Wish3.5Yes-246.4471.691:11.699/21/2018CDD621200CDSDay of the CatLenihan Thomas F. Dalby Edward and Weis Raymond Connelly, William Rocco Jr., Joseph $30.20$148.74$79.20
Chart Fall 201810/7/20189Dirt STKG1Juddmonte Spinster S.90 - 1111Blue Prize (ARG)4.5No-4.2547.62110.021:50.029/15/2018CDD8.50000KEERPure PrizeMerriebelle Stable LLC Correas IV, Ignacio Bravo, Joe $27.90$287.10$102.25
Chart Fall 201810/13/20181Turf MSW3U8.50 - 82Hurry Back8.1No-648.11105.921:45.929/12/2018KDT80007HPTRHat Trick (JPN)Ruelas, Maribel Cotto, Luis Saez, Gabriel $41.30$41.86$95.30
Chart Fall 201810/12/20187Turf ALWC8.50 - 1111Big Changes10.5No-147.90102.661:42.669/2/2018LADT8.500612CDRMidshipmanSteve Landers Racing LLC Cox, Brad Geroux, Florent $41.40$156.79$98.65
Chart Fall 201810/13/20186Dirt CLM4070 - 92Broome0.7Yes-246.2785.311:25.319/8/2018LRCD60001CDSBellamy RoadERJ Racing LLC Kenney Dave and Westside Racing Stable Cox, Brad Geroux, Florent $7.30$43.95$40.25
Chart Fall 201810/6/20187Dirt STKG2Thoroughbred Club of America S.60 - 107Golden Mischief4.5No-245.6869.391:09.398/4/2018MNRD60000CDSInto MischiefJuddmonte Farms Inc. Cox, Brad Geroux, Florent $31.60$45.73$87.20
Chart Fall 201810/14/20188Dirt ALWNW2L60 - 71Curate1.6Yes145.5669.661:09.668/25/2018ELPD60000CDSBernardiniDetampel Marc and Sunshine State Racing LLC Cox, Brad Borel, Calvin $11.30$16.45$12.15
Chart Fall 201810/14/20184Dirt MCLMCL70 - 1210Bella Noire19No-1.547.6290.881:30.889/16/2018CDD5.50000KEESTemple CityClayman Paul and Faulkner Tamara Demeritte, Larry Miranda, Rogelio $206.20$542.69$604.60
Chart Fall 201810/11/20181Dirt MCLMCL80 - 124Precious Luck41.4No0.548.75100.171:40.172/16/2018TPAWS5.50100CDRStreet SenseChuck and Maribeth Sandford LLC and Baker William A. Dickey, Charles Kennedy, Ty $343.30$1,501.42$1,059.35
Chart Fall 201810/13/201810Turf ALWNW3$X8.50 - 122Dynatail5.4No-0.547.58104.081:44.088/31/2018SART812321MTHRHightailBallybrit Stable LLC Dini, Michael Castellano, Javier $41.00$304.46$196.90
Chart Fall 201810/6/20181Dirt MSW3U60 - 76Truth Goddess7.2No-0.12546.6071.131:11.139/8/2018KDT6.50002KEESPoint of EntryTOLO Thoroughbreds Inc. Glover, Tracey Cannon, Declan $20.40$15.40$20.10
Chart Fall 201810/5/201810Turf MSW2YO80 - 1210Fun Paddy54.3No-450.16102.591:42.599/20/2018CDT80001CDRPaddy O'PradoSpalding, Wayne Glyshaw, Tim Morales, Edgar $198.90$5,321.39$566.70
Chart Fall 201810/6/20186Turf STKG2Woodford S.5.50 - 112Bucchero3.2Yes-344.7764.041:04.049/3/2018PRXT501315CDSKantharosIronhorse Racing Stable LLC Glyshaw, Tim De La Cruz, Fernando $29.30$102.48$61.80
Chart Fall 201810/10/20188Dirt CLM20NW2L70 - 106Strolling6.3No-0.12545.7488.191:28.199/23/2018CDD60003CDTSStrollAllen Jeff W. Sutton Erica Smith Adam Mitchell Gerald K. and King Michael Gowan, William Court, Jon $56.90$266.35$162.10
Chart Fall 201810/11/20186Dirt CLM20NW2L70 - 88Jukebox Money3.3No146.0989.421:29.429/15/2018APT8.51406KEESEnglish ChannelMcGehee, Dede Gulick, James Murrill, Mitchell $17.50$80.94$89.05
Chart Fall 201810/14/20189Dirt CLM50NW2L8.50 - 92Omen of Change4.6No-5.2547.14104.741:44.749/22/2018CDD8.50000CDRMidnight LuteSagamore Farm LLC Hough, Stanley Morales, Edgar $19.70$90.98$107.10
Chart Fall 201810/12/20184Dirt MSW2YO60 - 71Istan Council2.6No0.12546.3370.531:10.539/16/2018CDD60000CDSIstanJones, Brereton Jones, J. Saez, Gabriel $6.80$5.24$12.45
Chart Fall 201810/6/20184Dirt CLM30NW2L60 - 95Bourbon Country1.1Yes-6.545.7470.781:10.789/14/2018CDD70001KEESHarlan's HolidayBourbon Lane Stable Kenneally, Eddie Castellano, Javier $20.50$100.97$69.45
Chart Fall 201810/7/201810Turf ALWNW2$X80 - 112Cheeky Cherub12No-2.549.5598.951:38.959/6/2018KDT6.50024KEERPioneerof the NileSummerplace Farm Kenneally, Eddie Leparoux, Julien $34.30$82.26$99.65
Chart Fall 201810/14/20187Dirt MSW2YO8.50 - 61Martian3.2No-1.548.59105.991:45.999/14/2018CDD80000KEERMalibu MoonSutton, Joseph Kenneally, Eddie Lanerie, Corey $19.60$9.64$20.35
Chart Fall 201810/12/20188Dirt ALWNW1X8.50 - 85End of Spirits2.7Yes-148.25104.681:44.688/30/2018SARD70004SARRGhostzapperHill Jim and Susan Lynch, Brian Leparoux, Julien $15.20$38.04$36.50
Chart Fall 201810/11/20189Turf ALWNW1X8.50 - 119Heaven Is Waiting5.7No0.547.64103.151:43.159/28/2018CDD8.50014CDTRCreative CauseRamsey Kenneth L. and Sarah K. Maker, Michael Ortiz, Jose $28.80$532.89$163.25
Chart Fall 201810/11/20184Turf MSW3U90 - 123Cured by Kitten5.2No-447.04109.871:49.879/15/2018CDT90001CDTRKitten's JoyRamsey Kenneth L. and Sarah K. Maker, Michael Gaffalione, Tyler $47.10$93.65$109.40
Chart Fall 201810/6/20183Dirt CLM4070 - 84Wegotoldyougotsold4.5No0.545.0082.971:22.979/3/2018SART5.50001BELSThe FactorRamsey Kenneth L. and Sarah K. Maker, Michael Gaffalione, Tyler $49.60$262.01$135.15
Chart Fall 201810/7/20184Dirt STRSTR70 - 93Bizzee Mischief8.2No146.4484.621:24.629/6/2018APAWS5.53716HAWSInto MischiefBilbrey Farms Manley, Steve Murrill, Mitchell $172.20$143.90$240.25
Chart Fall 201810/13/20184Dirt MCLMCL70 - 87Sambucca2.5Yes-0.12546.6889.191:29.199/16/2018CDD5.50000CDSTake Charge IndyDouble M Racing LLC Margolis, Steve Graham, James $19.80$22.43$36.95
Chart Fall 201810/13/20185Turf STRSTR80 - 105Holly Go Lightly5.1No-548.6998.301:38.308/25/2018ELPT80016CDRArtie SchillerLow Lawana L. and Robert E. Margolis, Steve Saez, Gabriel $46.20$46.09$79.25
Chart Fall 201810/12/20182Dirt MCLMCL80 - 114Escalera32.8No-247.4597.671:37.679/3/2018ELPT80004KEERNew Year's DayGarey, Jack McKeever, Andrew Cannon, Declan $227.20$904.66$935.85
Chart Fall 201810/5/20189Dirt STKG1Darley Alcibiades S.8.50 - 143Restless Rider1.3Yes-1.546.52104.231:44.239/1/2018SARD70000KEERDistorted HumorFern Circle Stables and Three Chimneys Farm LLC McPeek, Kenneth Hernandez Jr., Brian $16.60$168.92$67.35
Chart Fall 201810/11/20183Dirt CLM168.50 - 73Dapper Sam1.7Yes0.548.42103.591:43.599/28/2018CDD80002CDRColonel JohnJaguar Racing LLC Montano Sr., Angel Morales, Edgar $15.90$16.24$30.90
Chart Fall 201810/5/20182Dirt MCLMCL60 - 97Castle Ridge2.4No2.545.4970.621:10.6210/12/2017RPD60000KEESMajesticperfectionHarlow Stables LLC Moquett, Ron Ortiz, Jose $11.70$198.15$100.45
Chart Fall 201810/7/20181Dirt CLM50NW2L70 - 71Pryor7.9No-144.6682.681:22.687/7/2018ELPD80001KEESPaynterLieblong Alex and JoAnn Moquett, Ron Saez, Luis $30.10$137.85$185.30
Chart Fall 201810/5/20186Dirt STRSTR70 - 121Hickory Hill13.4No-9.2544.7383.911:23.919/14/2018CDD70001HPTSCongratsColgain, Joseph Newton, Troy Albarado, Robby $57.40$128.15$174.40
Chart Fall 201810/13/20182Dirt CLM30NW2L8.50 - 64Forgotten Coast2.1Yes-0.12547.72104.411:44.419/7/2018INDT800110KEERCandy Ride (ARG)Humphrey Jr., G. Oliver, Victoria Morales, Edgar $16.30$14.57$26.00
Chart Fall 201810/10/20186Dirt AOCNW2X6.50 - 1110Smart Remark5.5No-245.4977.051:17.059/13/2018KDT70015KEESFirst DefenceHumphrey Jr. G. Watts O'Brien Brendan and Klatsky Brian Oliver, Victoria Lezcano, Jose $56.40$1,255.57$1,096.55
Chart Fall 201810/11/201810Dirt CLM7.58.50 - 111Due to His Charm15.1No-1147.66106.241:46.249/16/2018CDD8.51903HPTRDevil His DueMartinez, Felix Pincins, Robert Morales, Edgar $102.80$599.41$275.75
Chart Fall 201810/7/20183Dirt MCLMCL60 - 112D'ambrosio1Yes-0.546.8470.971:10.972/1/2018AQUD80000PBDSTapitBortolazzo Stable LLC Pletcher, Todd Ortiz, Jose $55.90$148.95$94.50
Chart Fall 201810/13/20183Dirt AOCNW2$X6.50 - 65Copper Town0.7Yes-146.3175.911:15.9110/7/2017BELD8.50000SARSSpeightstownWinStar Farm LLC China Horse Club International Ltd. SF Racing LLC Head of Plains Partners LLC Pletcher, Todd Castellano, Javier $6.60$5.93$12.00
Chart Fall 201810/5/20183Dirt ALWNW1X80 - 74Virginia Key0.9Yes-0.546.9796.131:36.134/7/2018AQUD90000BELRDistorted HumorBlue Heaven Farm LLC (Baskin Bonnie) Pletcher, Todd Velazquez, John $7.30$6.43$9.40
Chart Fall 201810/7/20187Dirt MSW2YO70 - 128Into Mystic1.1Yes0.12546.8084.131:24.138/5/2018SARD5.50000SARSInto MischiefSpendthrift Farm LLC Pletcher, Todd Ortiz, Jose $74.90$655.15$224.50
Chart Fall 201810/7/20188Turf STKG3Dixiana Bourbon S.8.50 - 139Current4.9No-6.548.82105.101:45.109/8/2018BELT80012BELRCurlinEclipse Thoroughbred Partners and LaPenta Robert V. Pletcher, Todd Ortiz, Jose $29.40$259.11$409.75
Chart Fall 201810/10/20184Dirt MCLMCL60 - 112South of France1.4Yes0.12547.0071.201:11.208/16/2018GPD60001PBDSQuality RoadMathis Stable LLC Pletcher, Todd Velazquez, John $21.80$51.80$54.80
Chart Fall 201810/10/20182Dirt CLM1060 - 81Small Town Hero52No-1.546.5771.191:11.192/19/2018OPD60001CDTSJersey TownBoggs Silver Racing Puhl, Kim Journet, Jarred $257.40$542.44$974.75
Chart Fall 201810/14/20183Dirt CLM406.50 - 71Dobby Hasno Master5.8No0.546.9879.861:19.8610/3/2018MNRD50600PIDSRevolvingRice Racing Rice, Kevin Ortiz, Jose $47.10$132.29$212.95
Chart Fall 201810/6/20182Dirt AOCC8.50 - 74Beach Flower6.9No1.548.00103.131:43.138/25/2018CBYT80105APRFlower AlleyRobertson Hugh H. Mentz John and Larson Jeff Robertson, McLean Landeros, Chris $30.70$119.85$106.00
Chart Fall 201810/5/20181Turf MSW2YO8.50 - 127Pico Entry15No0.12549.96107.251:47.259/13/2018KDT6.50001CDRPoint of EntryPacella William Jones Jr. Frank L. and Shoop Frank Romans, Dale Albarado, Robby $266.20$520.07$920.40
Chart Fall 201810/5/20188Dirt STKG2Stoll Keenon Ogden Phoenix S.60 - 51Promises Fulfilled0.7Yes0.12545.0969.051:09.058/25/2018SARD70000CDSShacklefordBaron, Robert Romans, Dale Saez, Luis $4.10$0.00$2.20
Chart Fall 201810/10/20183Turf MSW3U90 - 127Midnight Tea Time2Yes-147.78110.461:50.468/27/2018SART120008KEERMidnight LuteBella Cavello Stables LLC Sharp, Joe Saez, Luis $18.40$140.82$74.55
Chart Fall 201810/12/20185Turf ALWNW3$X90 - 85Team Colors4.1No-4.2548.98110.051:50.059/1/2018SART813215KEERStreet Cry (IRE)Grady, Brad Sharp, Joe Beschizza, Adam $15.70$36.89$63.45
Chart Fall 201810/14/20185Dirt MSW2YO8.50 - 95Mo Wheels Up1.2Yes-1.547.55105.491:45.499/14/2018CDD80000KEERUncle MoDilworth, Scott Sharp, Joe Beschizza, Adam $14.10$16.97$26.50
Chart Fall 201810/12/201810Dirt CLM20C70 - 107All Hansens Ondeck21.5No146.1587.861:27.869/22/2018CDD71418TTCSHansenStrandwitz, Peter Shifflett, Cheryl Camacho Jr., Samuel $88.90$668.37$390.10
Chart Fall 201810/14/20186Dirt AOCNW2$X6.50 - 76Honor Way4.2No-0.12546.0876.631:16.638/20/2018PIDAWS60100CDTSCaleb's PosseCatalano, Michael Shirer, Matt Gaffalione, Tyler $22.20$47.50$104.90
Chart Fall 201810/5/20187Turf ALWNW2$X80 - 121Birdsnest Party13.7No148.8298.701:38.708/24/2018MTHT8.502310MTHRTwirling CandyBreen, Mark Stidham, Michael Murrill, Mitchell $190.40$593.61$380.60
Chart Fall 201810/11/20185Dirt MCLMCL60 - 92Irish Oak16.9No146.5672.441:12.449/22/2018INDD80001KEESDouble IrishShortleaf Stable Inc. Van Meter, William McMahon, C.J. $51.40$1,347.11$717.35
Chart Fall 201810/11/20182Dirt STRSTR60 - 66Courtmewithcarats4.2No0.546.4471.411:11.419/15/2018CDD60002CDSCourt VisionVesty, Clarke Vesty, Clarke Camacho Jr., Samuel $18.00$22.52$42.60
Chart Fall 201810/10/20185Turf ALWNW1X8.50 - 119Cloak of Secrecy4.9No-2.7548.07103.541:43.549/12/2018KDT10.50017KEERScat DaddyRandal Family Trust Walsh, Brendan Franco, Manuel $26.50$379.20$199.65
Chart Fall 201810/7/20185Dirt MSW2YO8.50 - 129Plus Que Parfait8No-347.29104.781:44.789/15/2018CDD80001CDRPoint of EntryImperial Racing LLC Walsh, Brendan Santana Jr., Ricardo $23.90$37.72$37.85
Chart Fall 201810/13/20187Dirt MSW2YO60 - 123Hawaiian Noises5.5No-1.2546.9671.541:11.549/6/2018KDT6.50001KEESSuper SaverWard, Wesley Ward, Wesley Desormeaux, Kent $56.20$515.65$409.80
Chart Fall 201810/13/20188Dirt ALWNW2L60 - 1111Quick Quick Quick9.6No-0.12547.0971.281:11.288/31/2018SARD60000SKYSTiagoMarylou Whitney Stables LLC Wilkes, Ian Landeros, Chris $50.00$312.75$319.25
Chart Fall 201810/7/20182Dirt AOCNW3$X8.50 - 61Big Dollar Bill1.8No-9.7547.08101.661:41.669/3/2018PRXD120003KEERMidnight LuteFarkas Dennis and Franklin Brett and C. Wilkes, Ian Landeros, Chris $17.20$0.00$25.60
Chart Fall 201810/10/20181Dirt AOCNW2L80 - 76Champagne Anyone6.5No-7.548.3499.171:39.178/31/2018ELPD70000KEERStreet SenseSix Column Stables LLC et al Wilkes, Ian Landeros, Chris $67.20$153.76$283.55
Chart Fall 201810/12/20181Dirt CLM2570 - 71Dupree9.9No246.0483.901:23.908/25/2018CBYD60000KEESCaleb's PosseNovogratz Racing Stables Inc. Wismer, Troy Albarado, Robby $70.30$120.34$237.00
Chart Fall 201810/12/20186Dirt MSW2YO60 - 108Workaholic2.4Yes-0.12546.7871.741:11.749/29/2018CDD60001TTCSSky MesaMcIngvale, James Wohlers, Laura Villasana, Carlos $41.50$88.85$99.05

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Race Date
Date the race was run

Race No
Race number on the card that the race was contested.

Track surface the race was run over.

Race Type
Class of the race, ranging from maiden, claiming, starter allowance, allowance or stakes.

Extended Race Type
Specific conditions of the race.

Distance of the race in furlongs (note 1-mile equals 8 furlongs).

The recorded tempterature at the time of the race.

Rain Fall
The amount of rain that had fallen at the track, if any at the time of the race.

Gallop Master
Indicator that the track surface had been groomed prior to the race.

Field Size
Number of competitors to start the race.
Practical Application: Knowing the field size can help a handicapper determine how a race was run. For instance, shorter field sizes historically favor front-running speed horses. Larger fields tend to produce larger payoffs, given increased competition and a more spread-out wagering tote board.

Winning Post Position
Which position in the starting gate the winner broke from.
Practical Application: Knowing which post positions, inside and/or outside, have been more successful at different distances can be far more advantageous to a handicapper than general post position stats for all race distances and surfaces.

Name of the winning horse.

Final odds of the horse listed “to 1” as in 2.0 equals 2-to-1 odds.
Practical Application: Discover which races handicappers have zeroed in on, and which ones continue to produce blockbuster payoffs.

Was the winning horse favored in the betting?
Practical Application: Knowing where the public has failed to identify winning favorites can unlock big prices, while helping a handicapper identify “false” favorites.

Half-mile Position
Distance the winner was from the leading horse after a half-mile was run in the race. If leading, the number will be a positive number. If trailing, the number will be a negative number. For example, a horse two lengths behind the leader at the half-mile point in the race will be denoted as -2.0. For calculation purposes, a neck is considered one-quarter of a length.
Practical Application: Which running style has proven most effective for each race type and distance? This key information can help horseplayers project today’s contenders who have the right style to be successful.

Half-mile Time
Official track “split” time for the opening half-mile of this race (in seconds).
Practical Application: Sharp handicappers can create par times, or averages, for class and distance in creating their own pace figures, or simply use this data as a gauge as to how fast or slow a particular race may have been run.

Final Time
Official track clocking for the final time of this race (in seconds).
Practical Application: Find out at-a-glance “what it takes” historically to win a race at this class and distance, and compare that with today’s field to see who might be capable of reaching or exceeding the par times.

Last Race Location
Where the winner last competed, using official 2-3 letter track abbreviations. First-time starters are denoted as FTS.
Practical Application: Find out which venues produce the most successful runners for each class level, distance and surface.

Last Race Surface
Surface the winner last competed over, either All-Weather, Turf or Dirt.
Practical Application: Many horses will be changing surface when coming to the Polytrack surface from their most-recent start. You can analyze how turf-to-all-weather or dirt-to-all-weather runners have fared in terms of reaching the winner’s circle.

Last Race Distance
Distance the winner raced at in his or her most recent start.
Practical Application: Discover what distances and races are prime spots for horses stretching out in distance, or turning back in distance, by looking at the winner’s profiles.

Prior All Weather Surface Wins
Number of previous victories on synthetic tracks by the race winner.
Practical Application: Gauge the level of emphasis that winning experience on an all-weather surface has on each class and distance.

Prior All Weather Surface Starts
Number of previous starts on synthetic tracks by the race winner.
Practical Application: Gauge the level of emphasis that previous racing experience on an all-weather surface has on each class and distance.

Prior Turf Wins
Number of previous victories on turf by the race winner.
Practical Application: Gauge the level of emphasis that winning experience on the turf has on each class and distance.

Prior Turf Starts
Number of previous starts on turf by the race winner.
Practical Application: Gauge the level of emphasis that previous racing experience on the turf has on each class and distance.

Last Workout Location
Track or training center where race winner turned in his or her most recent published a.m. workout.
Practical Application: Find out if gaining local experience over an all-weather surface in morning workouts gives horses the edge at each class and distance.

This allows you to filter route races (1 mile or longer) vs. sprint races

Winner’s Sire
The sire of the winning horse.
Practical application: Allows you to filter which sires are most successful at particular distances or conditions

Winner's Owner
The winning owner

Winner's Trainer
The winning trainer
Practical application: Allows you to filter which trainers have the most success based on certain criteria

Winner's Jockey
The winning jockey
Practical application: Allows you to filter which jockeys have the most success based on certain criteria

Exacta Payout
The exacta wager payout for this race based on a $2 wager

Superfecta Payout
The superfecta wager payout for this race based on a $2 wager

Trifecta Payout
The trifecta wager payout for this race based on a $2 wager
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