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Video Link Chart Link Race Meet Race Date Race Number Surface Race Type Extended Race Type Distance Tempture Rain Fall Gallop Master Field Size Winning Post Position Horse Odds Favorite Half Mile Position Half Mile Time Final Time (Seconds) Final Time (M:SS.HH) Last Race Date Last Race Location Last Race Surface Last Race Distance Prior Polytrack Wins Prior Polytrack Starts Prior Turf Wins Prior Turf Starts Last Workout Location Route/Sprint Winners Sire Winners Owner Winners Trainer Winners Jockey Exacta Payout Superfecta Payout Trifecta Payout
Chart Spring 20164/8/20161Dirt MSW2YO4.563Big City Dreamin0.4Yes3.545.7452.5352.53FTSFTS00000KEESIqbaalBell, Steven Ward, Wesley Garcia, Julio $8.20$231.80$79.20
Chart Spring 20164/8/20162Dirt CLM106.5127Slan Abhaile0.5Yes-0.2546.8177.161:17.163/5/2016GPD60001CDTSHard SpunRamsey Kenneth L. and Sarah K. Maker, Michael Castellano, Javier $16.20$2,377.00$289.60
Chart Spring 20164/8/20163Dirt MCLMCL6.5112Planet4.8No-4.546.4177.721:17.723/13/2016FGT80005KEESStreet Cry (IRE)Damo, Joe Engler, Jeff Torres, Francisco $28.00$678.00$111.20
Chart Spring 20164/8/20164Dirt CLM20NW2L6121Flatter Me Big1.5Yes1.546.5970.551:10.553/24/2016OPD60001OPSFlatterSteve Landers Racing LLC Cox, Brad Bridgmohan, Shaun $38.00$2,166.00$159.00
Chart Spring 20164/8/20165Dirt AOCNW2$X6.576West Coast Chick4.7No-145.6375.831:15.833/10/2016GPD6.50000PMMSMalibu MoonHurricane Boys and Pell Richard C. Zito, Nicholas Saez, Luis $44.40$469.80$172.20
Chart Spring 20164/8/20166Turf ALWNW1X9125Animal Instinct3.8No-248.03109.521:49.522/26/2016GPT90012PMMRLeroidesanimaux (BRZ)West Point Thoroughbreds Motion, H. Velazquez, John $62.60$3,274.00$646.80
Chart Spring 20164/8/20167Dirt MSW3YO71211Conquest Serenade1.5Yes-245.4983.141:23.143/13/2016GPD60000KEESUnbridled's SongConquest Stables LLC Casse, Mark Lezcano, Jose $50.40$3,273.20$218.20
Chart Spring 20164/8/20168Dirt ALWNW1X782Twirl Girl8.3No-5.544.5787.531:27.532/5/2016FGT7.50002KEESTwirling CandySanders Wayne and Hirsch Larry Sharp, Joe Saez, Luis $115.60$3,032.00$601.20
Chart Spring 20164/8/20169Turf STKG3Transylvania S.8.582Shakhimat6.1No0.547.84102.651:42.6511/8/2015WOAWS92201PAYRLonhro (AUS)Gale Dan and Hogan Richard Attfield, Roger Wilson, Emma-Jayne $118.80$1,091.60$531.00
Chart Spring 20164/8/201610Dirt CLM106.5129Reeder10.6No-145.3076.761:16.763/8/2016MVRD60113TPSSpeightstownJamison, Michael Smith, Larry Jimenez, Albin $672.60$22,464.60$5,274.20
Chart Spring 20164/9/20161Dirt ALWNW1X70 - 72Torrontes7.5No-2.544.8886.421:26.423/12/2016TPAWS8.50100KEESMacho UnoBeckett Racing Team and Thornton David Gorder, Kellyn Doyle, Sophie $87.20$701.60$426.20
Chart Spring 20164/9/20162Dirt AOCNW2$X6.50 - 71Limousine Liberal0.7Yes1.545.1775.051:15.0510/31/2015KEED60000KEESSuccessful AppealBall, Katherine Colebrook, Ben Saez, Luis $21.60$464.20$154.80
Chart Spring 20164/9/20163Turf MSW3YO80 - 127Princesa Silvia15No-0.548.5298.101:38.102/21/2016GPT80001KEERMedaglia d'OroThree Chimneys Farm and Besilu Stables Mott, William Geroux, Florent $499.60$14,789.40$3,871.20
Chart Spring 20164/9/20164Dirt MSW3YO70 - 1010Conquest Harlequin11.9No-345.2182.521:22.523/5/2016OPD60000KEESHarlan's HolidayConquest Stables LLC Casse, Mark Lezcano, Jose $333.40$9,484.20$1,121.00
Chart Spring 20164/9/20165Turf ALWNW1X90 - 128Truly Together4No-448.81110.461:50.462/10/2016GPT90012PMMRSmart StrikeAugustin Stable Matz, Michael Saez, Luis $33.40$1,987.20$109.20
Chart Spring 20164/9/20166Dirt STKG1Central Bank Ashland S.8.50 - 51Weep No More30.1No-13.547.24103.571:43.572/13/2016TAMD8.180000KEERMineshaftAshbrook Farm Arnold II, George Lanerie, Corey $205.60$0.00$402.60
Chart Spring 20164/9/20167Dirt STKG3Commonwealth S.70 - 106Ami's Flatter4.3No-245.0181.661:21.662/6/2016GPD81300PMMSFlatterDalos, Ivan Carroll, Josie Garcia, Martin $59.40$987.00$245.00
Chart Spring 20164/9/20168Turf STKG2Shakertown S.5.50 - 1210Undrafted3.5No-8.2543.9362.961:02.9610/31/2015KEET5.514413KEESPurimWelker Wes and Kumin Sol Ward, Wesley Bravo, Joe $89.40$6,531.00$1,153.40
Chart Spring 20164/9/20169Dirt STKG1Madison S.70 - 111Sheer Drama8.4No-1.7544.8682.071:22.0710/30/2015KEED90102GPSBurning RomaQueen, Harold Fawkes, David Bravo, Joe $78.80$2,042.60$301.00
Chart Spring 20164/9/201610Dirt STKG1Toyota Blue Grass S.90 - 146Brody's Cause4.2No-10.7546.75110.201:50.203/12/2016TAMD8.50001GPRGiant's CausewayAlbaugh Family Stable Romans, Dale Saez, Luis $67.00$3,040.20$306.20
Chart Spring 20164/9/201611Turf MSW3YO80 - 126Always Right5.6No-2.548.3697.671:37.672/25/2016FGT80001CDRArchDixiana Farms LLC Stall Jr., Albert Hernandez Jr., Brian $97.40$22,458.80$3,311.40
Chart Spring 20164/10/20161Dirt AOCNW3$X8.50 - 52Catholic Cowboy3.1No-250.32104.451:44.452/15/2016GPD8.50001PMMRHeatseeker (IRE)Mossarosa Zito, Nicholas Saez, Luis $70.80$0.00$237.80
Chart Spring 20164/10/20162Dirt MSW2YO4.50 - 94Midnight Chica3.8No-1.545.6552.0652.06FTSFTS00000KEESMidnight LuteBlue Checker Thoroughbreds LLC Hancock, John Lanerie, Corey $21.40$988.20$101.20
Chart Spring 20164/10/20163Dirt MCLMCL6.50 - 84Esken Lady18.2No-1.547.0078.421:18.423/18/2016OPD60003KEESEskendereyaRaut LLC Dorochenko, Gennadi Murrill, Mitchell $216.60$4,988.00$2,039.60
Chart Spring 20164/10/20164Turf ALWC90 - 88Triple Threat (FR)4.3No0.549.24109.601:49.602/6/2016GPT900418PAYRMonsun (GER)Team Valor International and Barber Gary Mott, William Lezcano, Jose $122.20$3,244.60$559.00
Chart Spring 20164/10/20165Dirt CLM2570 - 86Galardonado1.9Yes0.12546.9883.091:23.092/24/2016GPD60013GPSMineshaftHui, Michael Maker, Michael Castellano, Javier $34.00$986.20$285.60
Chart Spring 20164/10/20166Turf MSW3YO80 - 1210American Patriot1.8Yes-11.2548.1297.021:37.022/27/2016GPT90002PBDRWar FrontWinStar Farm LLC Pletcher, Todd Castellano, Javier $38.80$2,426.60$545.00
Chart Spring 20164/10/20167Dirt CLM20NW2L60 - 107La Crema Rouge1.7Yes-147.0472.271:12.273/17/2016FGT5.50011CDTSDunkirkFrost, Jack Frost, Jack Castanon, Jesus $17.00$736.00$134.20
Chart Spring 20164/10/20168Turf ALWNW1X8.50 - 124Heavenly View2.4Yes-3.549.22104.151:44.152/21/2016GPT80011PBDRCongratsSiena Farm LLC Pletcher, Todd Velazquez, John $58.20$4,297.80$746.80
Chart Spring 20164/10/20169Dirt CLM108.50 - 112Yukon Sky9.4No-1.549.26106.921:46.923/10/2016DEDD7.50000FGRMacho UnoScherer Merrill R . Lynch Daniel J. and Sentel Ken Scherer, Merrill Saez, Luis $139.60$5,592.80$1,003.40
Chart Spring 20164/13/20161Dirt CLM3260 - 61Let's Go Ben5.9No146.5570.901:10.903/20/2016TPAWS631115KEESSongandaprayerChase Brandon L. and Marianne LoPresti, Charles Leparoux, Julien $82.20$543.40$220.60
Chart Spring 20164/13/20162Dirt MSW2YO4.50 - 83Con Te Partiro1.6Yes3.545.9952.0352.03FTSFTS00000KEESScat DaddyHat Creek Racing Ward, Wesley Jimenez, Albin $13.20$195.60$31.80
Chart Spring 20164/13/20163Dirt STRSTR8.50 - 73Al's Rosie2.1No-1.549.42106.381:46.383/13/2016GPD800214GPRHarlan's HolidayBahde Richard and Smith Dennis Dickey, Charles Lanerie, Corey $13.00$306.80$139.00
Chart Spring 20164/13/20164Dirt MCLMCL6.50 - 87Jayne Wayne8.3No0.12546.5477.891:17.893/17/2016GPT80002GPSHarlan's HolidayHytrek, Brian Dickey, Charles Lopez, Paco $101.60$1,655.40$322.40
Chart Spring 20164/13/20165Turf ALWNW2$X120 - 87Personal Diary3.6No-650.67151.572:31.5711/21/2015DMRT1102217KEERCity ZipHumphrey Jr. G. Watts and St. George Farm Racing LLC Oliver, Victoria Castellano, Javier $35.60$528.20$212.00
Chart Spring 20164/13/20166Dirt CLM40C80 - 76Ironclad4.4No-0.12547.1397.831:37.833/11/2016DEDD70001CDTRMidshipmanFrost, Jack Frost, Jack Castanon, Jesus $43.20$821.60$245.20
Chart Spring 20164/13/20167Turf ALWNW1X8.50 - 1212Tasit7.3No-1048.60104.191:44.192/28/2016GPD8.50013PMMRTapitAugustin Stable Matz, Michael Geroux, Florent $61.20$1,903.60$552.20
Chart Spring 20164/13/20168Dirt MCLMCL60 - 98Jack West3.7No-2.545.8270.611:10.613/3/2016GPD70000KEESMajestic WarriorDream Walkin Farms Inc. Zito, Nicholas Graham, James $53.20$2,253.60$121.60
Chart Spring 20164/14/20161Dirt MSW2YO4.50 - 52Silvertoni0.7Yes2.546.0352.3152.31FTSFTS00000KEESTapitSilverton Hill LLC Ward, Wesley Valdivia Jr., Jose $6.00$0.00$5.80
Chart Spring 20164/14/20162Dirt MCLMCL60 - 87Rest Assured1.2Yes1.546.6771.841:11.843/25/2016GPD80000KEESMidnight LuteAll In Line Stables LLC Kenneally, Eddie Castellano, Javier $17.20$299.80$39.40
Chart Spring 20164/14/20163Turf ALWNW1X5.50 - 1210Brinkley2.1Yes-0.545.9364.131:04.133/12/2016GPT50013PBDSCity ZipEclipse Thoroughbred Partners and TNIP Racing Pletcher, Todd Saez, Luis $345.80$23,631.80$2,664.20
Chart Spring 20164/14/20164Dirt MSW3U100 - 53Honorable Duty1.8Yes0.548.73123.012:03.012/4/2016GPT8.50004PMMRDistorted HumorDARRS Inc. Walsh, Brendan Saez, Luis $19.00$0.00$63.40
Chart Spring 20164/14/20165Dirt STRSTR8.50 - 102Blue Grass Road24.9No-8.7547.68105.011:45.013/6/2016FGD80025CDRBluegrass CatCano, Juan Montano Sr., Angel Lanerie, Corey $259.40$12,508.80$2,208.20
Chart Spring 20164/14/20166Turf ALWNW2$X120 - 124Tweet Kitten0.9Yes-6.550.00151.492:31.4912/19/2015GPT8.500210KEERKitten's JoyRamsey Kenneth L. and Sarah K. Brown, Chad Castellano, Javier $17.40$2,818.40$351.60
Chart Spring 20164/14/20167Dirt CLM30NW2L8.50 - 92Cash in My Pocket1.9Yes0.550.14107.991:47.993/26/2016TPAWS80319TTCRCurlinColumbus Circle Partners Werre, Danny Lezcano, Jose $22.80$844.40$233.80
Chart Spring 20164/14/20168Turf STKG3Appalachian S.80 - 107Catch a Glimpse0.6Yes-147.8697.271:37.272/27/2016GPT8.50044KEERCity ZipBarber Gary Ambler Michael James and Windways Farm Casse, Mark Geroux, Florent $13.80$706.20$121.80
Chart Spring 20164/14/20169Dirt MCLMCL60 - 84Awesome Music1.9Yes0.12546.0871.911:11.91FTSFTS00000CDSGhostzapperMcFarland P. Hemmings D. Mayo T. Exelby R. et al. Foley, Gregory Saez, Luis $17.80$2,695.80$212.20
Chart Spring 20164/15/20161Dirt CLM20C60 - 64Whyruawesome3.4No-0.546.3870.711:10.713/12/2016TAMD71503SKYSWhywhywhyCaskey Dave Turner Steve Turner Blake and Riverside Bloodstock LLC Murphy, Conor Hernandez Jr., Brian $25.20$178.20$83.20
Chart Spring 20164/15/20162Dirt AOCNW2$YX60 - 61Union Jackson0.6Yes0.546.2169.301:09.302/26/2016OPD60000KEESCurlinStonestreet Stables LLC Asmussen, Steven Castellano, Javier $34.60$520.20$149.40
Chart Spring 20164/15/20163Dirt STRSTR60 - 61Sweet Miss Lou2.6No0.12546.3970.361:10.363/10/2016FGT5.50003CDTSSuper SaverButler, Mitch Shirer, Matt Bridgmohan, Shaun $14.80$473.60$76.40
Chart Spring 20164/15/20164Dirt CLM1060 - 99Angelic Score0.7Yes1.546.2370.641:10.643/12/2016TPAWS621012TPSEven the ScoreFoster Family Racing and Lane Jason Foster, Eric Lanerie, Corey $29.60$2,273.20$388.00
Chart Spring 20164/15/20165Turf ALWNW1X5.50 - 114Expected Ruler16.1No-246.1663.781:03.782/27/2016GPT50013MWFSLeroidesanimaux (BRZ)Benson, Liam Benson, Liam Osorio, Didiel $243.40$9,023.80$1,697.20
Chart Spring 20164/15/20166Dirt MSW3YO8.50 - 111Alotta Skirt8.5No-347.79104.761:44.762/28/2016GPD8.50001KEERCandy Ride (ARG)JSM Equine Kenneally, Eddie Lanerie, Corey $90.60$1,735.00$239.20
Chart Spring 20164/15/20167Dirt ALWNW1X70 - 77Contrasting21.2No145.6182.701:22.701/24/2016TPAWS6.51100SASDistorted HumorHill 'n' Dale Equine Holdings Inc. (J. G. Sikura) and Lunsford Bruce Drury Jr., Thomas Saez, Luis $95.60$3,907.80$409.20
Chart Spring 20164/15/20168Dirt AOCNW2$X80 - 113Top Billing7.3No-646.7996.161:36.163/19/2016GPD80001KEERCurlinFarish William S. and Hudson Jr. E. J. McGaughey III, Claude Bravo, Joe $171.00$36,360.60$4,069.40
Chart Spring 20164/15/20169Turf STKG1Maker's 46 Mile S.80 - 92Miss Temple City6.3No-446.0394.091:34.0910/10/2015KEET90039PMMRTemple CitySagamore Farm Rosenblum Allen and The Club Racing LLC Motion, H. Van Dyke, Drayden $80.00$1,463.00$315.80
Chart Spring 20164/15/201610Dirt MCLMCL8.50 - 105Going Strong2.5Yes-6.547.95105.681:45.683/18/2016FGD8.320000CDRFlatterDetampel, Marc Cox, Brad Saez, Luis $24.20$2,382.00$116.60
Chart Spring 20164/16/20161Dirt ALWNW1X8.50 - 61Dream Dance1.5No-547.75104.791:44.793/26/2016FGD8.50000CDRAfleet AlexStoneway Farm Howard, Neil Hernandez Jr., Brian $19.40$169.60$81.40
Chart Spring 20164/16/20162Dirt CLM50NW2L80 - 71Kiss Limit5.3No-246.7397.031:37.031/28/2016AQUD8.320000TPRSky ClassicButler, William Maker, Michael Castellano, Javier $63.20$1,423.60$448.80
Chart Spring 20164/16/20163Dirt MSW3YO60 - 85Kareena0.2Yes145.3370.051:10.053/6/2016GPD70000PMMSMedaglia d'OroGodolphin LLC McLaughlin, Kiaran Lopez, Paco $11.60$563.60$133.80
Chart Spring 20164/16/20164Dirt MSW3YO8.50 - 91Moon King3.4No-148.00104.861:44.862/27/2016OPD8.50000KEERMalibu MoonOxley, John Casse, Mark Leparoux, Julien $61.20$940.40$228.00
Chart Spring 20164/16/20165Turf ALWNW1X80 - 97Ascend2.1Yes-348.4296.501:36.502/18/2016GPD70003KEERCandy Ride (ARG)Stone Farm Motion, H. Castellano, Javier $19.60$438.60$58.00
Chart Spring 20164/16/20166Dirt AOCNW2$X80 - 103Genre5No-148.6897.291:37.292/3/2016GPD80000PBDRBernardiniCheyenne Stables LLC Pletcher, Todd Saez, Luis $95.60$6,280.20$1,082.60
Chart Spring 20164/16/20167Dirt STKG3Ben Ali S.90 - 84Eagle2Yes-4.547.76108.571:48.573/26/2016FGD90000CDRCandy Ride (ARG)Farish, W.S. Howard, Neil Hernandez Jr., Brian $24.60$1,601.60$207.60
Chart Spring 20164/16/20168Turf STKGiant's Causeway S.5.50 - 129Exaggerated10No145.2662.811:02.811/20/2016TAMT50035KEESBlameLael Stables Delacour, Arnaud Leparoux, Julien $814.60$15,952.53$6,686.40
Chart Spring 20164/16/20169Dirt STKG3Lexington S.8.50 - 1010Collected2.2No-0.547.47103.331:43.333/20/2016SUND90012SARCity ZipSpeedway Stable LLC Baffert, Bob Castellano, Javier $164.80$5,459.40$1,193.40
Chart Spring 20164/16/201610Turf STKG1Coolmore Jenny Wiley S.8.50 - 97Tepin0.4Yes-2.546.89100.531:40.533/12/2016TAMT911712CDRBernsteinMasterson, Robert Casse, Mark Leparoux, Julien $16.00$833.40$185.80
Chart Spring 20164/16/201611Dirt MSW3YO8.50 - 109Street Gray4.1No-0.12548.30104.741:44.742/27/2016GPD8.50000KEERStreet Cry (IRE)Oxley, John Casse, Mark Leparoux, Julien $68.60$2,462.00$716.40
Chart Spring 20164/17/20161Dirt CLM2060 - 63Annoy2.7No0.546.7971.421:11.423/20/2016FGD602112CDTSFlatterBruder Stables Shirer, Matt Bridgmohan, Shaun $26.60$303.80$68.00
Chart Spring 20164/17/20162Dirt ALWNW1X90 - 64Stradivari1.4No-147.47108.641:48.6412/5/2015GPD8.50000PBDRMedaglia d'OroGunther John D. Tabor Michael B. Smith Derrick and Magnier Mrs. John Pletcher, Todd Velazquez, John $48.80$421.60$170.40
Chart Spring 20164/17/20163Dirt MSW3U90 - 73Miss Pink Diva1.8Yes0.548.89112.631:52.639/26/2015CDD8.50001CDRDunkirkHicks, Judy Bradley, William Bridgmohan, Shaun $45.60$693.20$249.00
Chart Spring 20164/17/20164Turf MSW3YO80 - 126Conquest Superstar4.2No-4.547.9695.781:35.78FTSFTS00000KEERUncle MoConquest Stables LLC Casse, Mark Lezcano, Jose $113.80$3,777.60$866.60
Chart Spring 20164/17/20165Dirt MCLMCL8.50 - 88Princess Drossie2.7No-0.12549.88105.811:45.813/18/2016TPAWS80400KEERDrosselmeyerReynolds, Mary Sims, Philip Bravo, Joe $37.60$3,254.80$519.80
Chart Spring 20164/17/20166Dirt MSW3YO60 - 1010Divine Desire1.9Yes0.12545.6970.501:10.50FTSFTS00000KEESDivine ParkLigon, Tommy Jones, J. Murrill, Mitchell $109.40$7,004.20$539.40
Chart Spring 20164/17/20167Turf ALWNW1X80 - 1212Quest (GB)5.3No-447.8796.481:36.481/18/2016GPT7.50313PAYRMr. SidneyGainesway Thoroughbreds Ltd. Clement, Christophe Prat, Flavien $553.00$5,833.67$6,792.20
Chart Spring 20164/17/20168Dirt STKG3Adena Springs Beaumont S.70 - 51Lightstream1.3Yes-544.6486.271:26.273/6/2016GPD70000KEESHarlan's HolidayUp Hill Stable and Head of Plains Partners LLC Lynch, Brian Leparoux, Julien $15.40$0.00$34.00
Chart Spring 20164/17/20169Turf ALWNW3$X8.50 - 126Kasaqui (ARG)30.7No-1.547.63102.121:42.123/19/2016TPAWS801311KEERLasting ApprovalWimborne Farm Correas IV, Ignacio Lopez, Paco $408.80$35,627.80$6,845.00
Chart Spring 20164/20/20161Dirt MSW2YO4.50 - 71Hey Mike3.5No-445.0251.3651.36FTSFTS00000CDTSCape Blanco (IRE)Hui, Michael Maker, Michael Castellano, Javier $17.00$370.80$57.20
Chart Spring 20164/20/20162Dirt ALWNW1X8.50 - 63Tale of Life (JPN)1.9No-0.547.16102.341:42.343/10/2016SAD100018KEERDeep Impact (JPN)Flaxman Holdings Ltd. Motion, H. Van Dyke, Drayden $25.20$314.60$112.80
Chart Spring 20164/20/20163Dirt MCLMCL8.50 - 86Awesome Thought21.4No-2.2547.87105.081:45.084/1/2016TAMT80005KEERLemon Drop KidHumphrey Jr., G. Oliver, Victoria Landeros, Chris $234.80$11,452.00$1,655.80
Chart Spring 20164/20/20164Dirt CLM328.50 - 71Rod McLeod11.4No-147.28103.561:43.564/3/2016GPD70000CDRRoman RulerTarp, Mike Romans, Dale Lanerie, Corey $114.80$2,068.80$406.20
Chart Spring 20164/20/20165Turf ALWNW1X80 - 93La Piba15.2No-250.1599.561:39.564/10/2016KEET8.50213KEERLookin At LuckyForever Tango La Surestada Stables Inc. and Shalom TR Correas IV, Ignacio Lopez, Paco $138.40$11,423.80$961.60
Chart Spring 20164/20/20166Dirt CLM40NW2L6.50 - 119Horsepower2.2Yes-0.12546.3576.761:16.763/19/2016FGD60000KEESBernardiniFox Hill Farms Inc. Jones, J. Geroux, Florent $76.20$2,672.40$598.40
Chart Spring 20164/20/20167Turf ALWNW3$X8.50 - 84No Fault of Mine4.9No-5.549.31104.961:44.962/20/2016TAMD62200TAMRBlameLothenbach Stables Inc. Block, Chris Geroux, Florent $50.40$904.00$186.40
Chart Spring 20164/20/20168Dirt CLM108.50 - 108Cardinal Girl5.7No-5.547.45106.061:46.063/25/2016FGT800414CDRScat DaddyWin Place Or Show LLC Glyshaw, Tim Torres, Francisco $129.40$10,562.60$1,076.00
Chart Spring 20164/21/20161Dirt CLM108.50 - 54Keri This Day Lori6.1No-549.76107.101:47.103/20/2016TPAWS8316217HOURAction This DayHeyer, Robert Short, Tommy Villasana, Carlos $48.80$0.00$88.80
Chart Spring 20164/21/20162Dirt CLM40NW2L6.50 - 72Bon Heir2.7No-247.2277.861:17.863/31/2016OPD60002KEESWildcat HeirTemplate Farm Gorder, Kellyn Lanerie, Corey $48.80$1,921.80$268.20
Chart Spring 20164/21/20163Dirt MSW2YO4.50 - 61Lady Aurelia0.3Yes444.9350.8550.85FTSFTS00000KEESScat DaddyStonestreet Stables LLC Bolton George and Leidel Peter Ward, Wesley Garcia, Julio $10.20$237.00$53.00
Chart Spring 20164/21/20164Turf MSW3YO8.50 - 113Sweet Tapper7.1No-1.7549.80105.971:45.973/6/2016GPT7.50002KEERTapitWinchester Place Thoroughbreds LLC Wilkes, Ian Bravo, Joe $82.80$2,050.80$272.60
Chart Spring 20164/21/20165Dirt STRSTR60 - 85Favorite Coach15.9No-0.12546.8771.191:11.194/8/2016KEED6.52817KEESStephen Got EvenMcMakin, Nelson Sims, Philip Franklin, Malcolm $225.80$14,260.20$2,769.40
Chart Spring 20164/21/20166Dirt CLM20C60 - 75Smooth Caramel1.2Yes-1.547.1272.641:12.644/3/2016TPAWS60100FGSCandy Ride (ARG)Motley Crew Stables LLC (Michael Motley) Montano Sr., Angel Hernandez Jr., Brian $13.80$311.40$75.00
Chart Spring 20164/21/20167Turf ALWC80 - 83Vyjack2.3Yes-151.0499.601:39.6010/28/2015BELD80003PAYRInto MischiefPick Six Racing (David Wilkenfeld) Mott, William Lezcano, Jose $48.40$1,065.80$310.60
Chart Spring 20164/21/20168Dirt ALWNW1X8.50 - 88Dee Dee Bertie5No148.88105.111:45.117/29/2015INDD80000KEERBluegrass CatKlein Richard and Bertram LoPresti, Charles Hernandez Jr., Brian $57.60$831.60$159.20
Chart Spring 20164/21/20169Turf STRSTR90 - 121Free Rose55.3No347.59111.421:51.424/8/2016KEED60000KEERMunningsMcCauley, Tevis McCauley, Tevis Doyle, Sophie $583.00$39,632.80$7,659.60
Chart Spring 20164/22/20161Dirt MCLMCL6.50 - 65Silvertown2No-1.546.0076.121:16.121/29/2016GPD70000CDSSpeightstownAuerbach Rob and Clement David Kenneally, Eddie Lanerie, Corey $27.00$353.20$60.00
Chart Spring 20164/22/20162Dirt MCLMCL8.50 - 52Sea Light0.6Yes-148.95106.201:46.203/30/2016TAMD8.180005PAYRRockport HarborHumphrey Jr., G. Oliver, Victoria Albarado, Robby $6.40$0.00$15.20
Chart Spring 20164/22/20163Dirt STRSTR90 - 64Dynabeaver3.8No-149.26110.911:50.914/14/2016KEED8.50001OPRGrindstoneLukas, Laurie Lukas, D. Hill, Channing $18.60$120.20$61.60
Chart Spring 20164/22/20164Turf STRSTR90 - 96Indypendent Deputy3.8No-10.548.60114.771:54.773/27/2016FGD80025CDRAny Given SaturdayH. V. Farms Ltd. Asmussen, Steven Bridgmohan, Shaun $40.80$1,468.00$436.80
Chart Spring 20164/22/20165Dirt CLM20NW2L90 - 64Inspire Courage1Yes-0.548.17110.661:50.663/5/2016GPT7.50002CDTRFusaichi PegasusRamsey Kenneth L. and Sarah K. Maker, Michael Castellano, Javier $11.00$82.40$52.80
Chart Spring 20164/22/20166Turf MSW3YO8.50 - 121Sir Dudley Digges3.4No0.550.46107.551:47.553/26/2016GPT7.50004CDTRGio PontiRamsey Kenneth L. and Sarah K. Maker, Michael Leparoux, Julien $41.20$1,453.20$135.20
Chart Spring 20164/22/20167Dirt ALWNW2L60 - 71Quick Release3.3No0.12545.0870.441:10.443/18/2016TAMT8.50001TAMSTrappe ShotBallybrit Stable LLC Dini, Michael Castellano, Javier $28.80$684.20$149.40
Chart Spring 20164/22/20168Turf ALWNW2$X5.50 - 118Late Spring8.3No-5.546.4764.671:04.672/6/2016GPT500211KEESSpeightstownHumphrey Jr. G. Watts and St. George Farm Racing LLC Oliver, Victoria Lanerie, Corey $336.00$14,450.60$2,317.60
Chart Spring 20164/22/20169Dirt STKG3Hilliard Lyons Doubledogdare S.8.50 - 81Brooklynsway25.2No-247.61102.861:42.863/18/2016FGD8.3241102CDRGiant GizmoChowhan, Naveed Flint, Bernard Albarado, Robby $106.20$1,115.00$371.80
Chart Spring 20164/22/201610Dirt MCLMCL60 - 101Wagon Boss2.3Yes0.546.0670.591:10.594/2/2016TPAWS80100KEESStreet BossCorreas IV, Ignacio Correas IV, Ignacio Lopez, Paco $17.60$154.80$62.60
Chart Spring 20164/23/20161Dirt STRSTR80 - 62Cheray10.3No-7.547.2897.901:37.904/8/2016OPD60401HAWRStephen Got EvenFisher Ed Fisher Linda and Cristel Racing Stable Inc. Cristel, Mark Lanerie, Corey $48.00$664.80$309.20
Chart Spring 20164/23/20162Dirt CLM20NW2L70 - 63Successful Runner0.5Yes-2.7546.8382.911:22.917/29/2015SARD6.50000KEESSuccessful AppealRamsey Kenneth L. and Sarah K. Maker, Michael Leparoux, Julien $14.00$157.00$51.80
Chart Spring 20164/23/20163Turf MSW3YO8.50 - 112Squeeze5.7No-549.46105.301:45.30FTSFTS00000PAYRLemon Drop KidEvans, Robert Clement, Christophe Leparoux, Julien $92.40$2,263.00$271.00
Chart Spring 20164/23/20164Dirt CLM1060 - 73Bobby V.1.3Yes-0.12546.2370.511:10.514/3/2016OPD60001TPSPleasantly PerfectHaynes, Jan Calhoun, W. Hernandez Jr., Brian $11.60$132.00$27.20
Chart Spring 20164/23/20165Turf MSW3YO8.50 - 1111Try Your Luck3.7No0.548.31103.031:43.033/20/2016GPD8.50003CDTRLookin At LuckyCarroll, Stefanie Maker, Michael Lanerie, Corey $38.80$1,245.80$170.00
Chart Spring 20164/23/20166Dirt MSW3YO70 - 72Ultra Brat3.6No0.545.6988.171:28.1711/1/2015CDD60000KEESUncle MoCampbell Jr., Alex Motion, H. Van Dyke, Drayden $20.60$237.60$57.20
Chart Spring 20164/23/20167Turf ALWNW2$X5.50 - 92Shadow Rock3.3No-3.545.3263.381:03.383/27/2016GPT501627CDSDistorted HumorBahde Richard and Smith Dennis Dickey, Charles Lanerie, Corey $59.40$1,049.60$421.80
Chart Spring 20164/23/20168Dirt MSW3YO70 - 87Dear Elaine2.5No-0.545.8887.441:27.4411/28/2015CDD70000KEESBroken VowKlein Richard and Bertram LoPresti, Charles Lanerie, Corey $26.80$844.80$108.40
Chart Spring 20164/23/20169Turf STKG2Dixiana Elkhorn S.120 - 81Da Big Hoss2.7Yes-251.11151.292:31.293/5/2016GPT1101613CDTRLemon Drop KidSkychai Racing LLC Maker, Michael Geroux, Florent $24.00$1,152.60$186.00
Chart Spring 20164/23/201610Dirt MCLMCL70 - 101Brilliant Belle0.7Yes-0.2546.9985.921:25.923/19/2016OPD60001CDSAfleet AlexFarmer, Tracy Cox, Brad Bridgmohan, Shaun $67.00$1,586.00$434.80
Chart Spring 20164/24/20161Dirt CLM20NW2L70 - 65Paige Got Even2.1No1.547.5484.061:24.063/7/2016MVRD8.320300TTCSStephen Got EvenYellow Diamond Farm LLC Mills, Tommy Osorio, Didiel $18.40$326.20$103.20
Chart Spring 20164/24/20162Dirt CLM166.50 - 63Madelyn's Wild Max6.6No-1.2546.1677.111:17.113/2/2016DEDD50001EVDSMy Friend MaxBenoit, Larry Bourgeois, Keith Albarado, Robby $65.40$722.60$300.60
Chart Spring 20164/24/20163Dirt CLM30C60 - 75Flatter Me Big0.8Yes245.9971.141:11.144/8/2016KEED60001KEESFlatterMoss, Maggi Amoss, Thomas Bridgmohan, Shaun $9.00$137.20$68.80
Chart Spring 20164/24/20164Dirt MCLMCL70 - 77Bankers Holiday1.2Yes-247.2484.001:24.002/20/2016OPD8.50000OPSHarlan's HolidayLieblong Alex and JoAnn Hobby, Steve Rocco Jr., Joseph $46.40$727.60$271.60
Chart Spring 20164/24/20165Turf ALWNW1X90 - 99Dyna's Recoleta4.8No-748.53110.321:50.3210/12/2015WOT90217KEERDynaformerFipke, Charles Attfield, Roger Geroux, Florent $66.20$601.20$202.40
Chart Spring 20164/24/20166Dirt MSW3YO70 - 84Fearless Dragon7.7No-2.546.4487.061:27.064/9/2016KEED70000LASSpeightstownSouthern Equine Stable LLC and Li Robert G. Guillot, Eric Lopez, Paco $70.20$2,045.20$175.40
Chart Spring 20164/24/20167Turf ALWNW1X120 - 105Johns Kitten5.5No-2.7552.59153.922:33.922/26/2016GPT90029KEERKitten's JoyRamsey Kenneth L. and Sarah K. Maker, Michael Leparoux, Julien $137.40$1,656.80$696.80
Chart Spring 20164/24/20168Dirt MSW3U60 - 88Cool Cat Jazz25.4No-0.12545.9971.191:11.193/30/2016GPT7.50002KEESWildcat HeirCameron, Craig Cox, Gail Bridgmohan, Shaun $772.00$26,599.00$4,324.80
Chart Spring 20164/24/20169Turf MSW3YO8.50 - 1010Gio's Calling4.3No-847.80104.621:44.6211/8/2015AQUT8.50002KEERGio PontiHill Jim and Susan Lynch, Brian Leparoux, Julien $24.80$287.60$92.40
Chart Spring 20164/27/20161Dirt CLM1090 - 63Tapanna0.7Yes0.12548.92110.931:50.934/14/2016KEED8.582328TPRTapitHansen, Kendall Maker, Michael Geroux, Florent $6.20$175.80$34.20
Chart Spring 20164/27/20162Dirt MSW2YO4.50 - 43Drafted4.1No1.544.3450.4550.45FTSFTS00000KEESField CommissionLaird P. R. and Harty Eoin G. Harty, Eoin Murrill, Mitchell $13.40$0.00$0.00
Chart Spring 20164/27/20163Dirt STRSTR70 - 65Donita's Ruler0.8Yes1.545.9082.141:22.143/26/2016OPD60101OPSRoman RulerO'Hara Jr. Robert and Gower Gwyneth Kordenbrock, Matt Leparoux, Julien $8.00$74.00$30.80
Chart Spring 20164/27/20164Dirt MSW2YO4.50 - 64Capt. Grider2.6No-345.4951.7051.70FTSFTS00000KEESAstrologyHorse International Zanelli Jr., Dante Lopez, Paco $29.80$157.00$112.80
Chart Spring 20164/27/20165Dirt MCLMCL70 - 74True Egyptian2.1Yes-0.12545.8783.501:23.503/13/2016GPD60000KEESPioneerof the NilePape, William Kenneally, Eddie Lanerie, Corey $71.20$886.60$336.20
Chart Spring 20164/27/20166Turf ALWNW2$X8.50 - 112Heath4.2No-649.10106.651:46.659/19/2015KDT10.50027KEERPulpitClaiborne Farm and Dilschneider Adele B. Mott, William Lezcano, Jose $44.00$2,302.00$344.40
Chart Spring 20164/27/20167Dirt AOCNW3$X60 - 66No Hiding Place0.6Yes-145.1868.981:08.984/9/2016KEED72200KEESMunningsTabor, Michael Ward, Wesley Rosario, Joel $20.80$282.80$110.00
Chart Spring 20164/27/20168Turf ALWNW1X90 - 121Verbouwen5.6No-2.549.96114.271:54.272/12/2016GPT9.50013KEERKitten's JoyKisber Michael E. and Sheep Pond Partners Brown, Chad Castellano, Javier $99.40$17,671.60$2,355.20
Chart Spring 20164/28/20161Dirt MCLMCL90 - 64Midnight Dance2.7No147.74110.761:50.764/7/2016GPT80002PMMRMidnight LuteRamsey Kenneth L. and Sarah K. Maker, Michael Castellano, Javier $37.00$563.80$182.60
Chart Spring 20164/28/20162Dirt CLM20C8.50 - 63Scout Leader1.5Yes-647.36102.671:42.673/31/2016OPD8.51402KEERA.P. IndyTen Strike Racing Cox, Brad Rocco Jr., Joseph $12.40$107.80$36.40
Chart Spring 20164/28/20163Dirt MCLMCL60 - 77Duchess Bird0.6Yes1.546.2671.371:11.374/13/2016KEED6.50004PMMSBirdstoneMarylou Whitney Stables LLC Zito, Nicholas Bravo, Joe $5.60$54.00$18.60
Chart Spring 20164/28/20164Turf MSW3YO120 - 104Bold Contender2.7Yes-2.551.24155.112:35.114/2/2016GPT90002KEERStrong ContenderHalcraft Stable LLC Kenneally, Eddie Bravo, Joe $105.00$5,046.40$468.40
Chart Spring 20164/28/20165Dirt MSW2YO4.50 - 73China Grove2.1No245.1151.1751.17FTSFTS00000KEESCity ZipBall, Katherine Colebrook, Ben Jimenez, Albin $12.20$162.00$33.60
Chart Spring 20164/28/20166Dirt CLM1680 - 64Yukon Sky7.5No-246.5197.101:37.104/10/2016KEED8.50000FGRMacho UnoScherer Merrill R . Lynch Daniel J. and Sentel Ken Scherer, Merrill Albarado, Robby $64.60$1,258.40$401.00
Chart Spring 20164/28/20167Turf ALWNW2$X8.50 - 85Granny's Kitten3Yes-548.63104.101:44.103/12/2016GPT80029KEERKitten's JoyRamsey Kenneth L. and Sarah K. Maker, Michael Castellano, Javier $38.00$688.00$130.60
Chart Spring 20164/28/20168Dirt MSW2YO4.50 - 66Lightning Dove0.9Yes1.545.2051.1651.16FTSFTS00000KEESUncle MoWindmill Manor Farm Ward, Wesley Rosario, Joel $8.80$34.00$17.80
Chart Spring 20164/28/20169Turf ALWNW2$X8.50 - 99Prince Gagarin (IRE)5No-447.88103.981:43.989/26/2015NEWT900211KEERDubawi (IRE)Anamoine Ltd. Matz, Michael Leparoux, Julien $94.60$8,811.00$757.60
Chart Spring 20164/29/20161Dirt CLM3060 - 55Reality Is Great2.2No245.6470.051:10.053/17/2016FGD5.50003CDSPuckScherer Merrill R. Lynch Daniel J. and Centaur Farms Inc. (Heath) Scherer, Merrill Albarado, Robby $10.20$0.00$39.60
Chart Spring 20164/29/20162Dirt CLM1070 - 63Ginger Stone5.3No-5.2546.2184.141:24.144/15/2016KEED60202RSDSElite SquadronBrown, Charles Hancock, John Hill, Channing $36.20$191.00$88.60
Chart Spring 20164/29/20163Dirt CLM3070 - 42True Raj7.4No0.12546.0583.931:23.934/7/2016OPD60000KEESYes It's TrueCalumet Farm Asmussen, Steven Santana Jr., Ricardo $57.60$0.00$0.00
Chart Spring 20164/29/20164Turf MSW3YO120 - 96Billy's Kitten0.5Yes-451.13150.582:30.582/27/2016GPT90002KEERKitten's JoyRamsey Kenneth L. and Sarah K. Brown, Chad Castellano, Javier $14.00$454.20$69.40
Chart Spring 20164/29/20165Dirt MSW3U60 - 64Maniacal1.7Yes145.3769.421:09.424/9/2015KEED4.50000KEESKitten's JoyWard, Wesley Ward, Wesley Velazquez, John $12.60$144.80$37.80
Chart Spring 20164/29/20166Dirt CLM20C8.50 - 61Flatter Me Zanja1.8Yes-2.548.45105.901:45.904/13/2016TAMD60300HPTRFlatterTerry, Douglas Minnock, Wayne Lanerie, Corey $22.80$335.20$127.80
Chart Spring 20164/29/20167Turf ALWNW1X9.50 - 123Tequila Joe13.3No-2.548.80117.391:57.3910/23/2015KEET8.50013KEERStormy AtlanticFrankel Jerry and Ronald Stidham, Michael Bravo, Joe $156.60$9,548.60$566.80
Chart Spring 20164/29/20168Dirt ALWNW1X60 - 42Classy Grey Lassy0.2Yes0.12545.9570.091:10.093/20/2016FGD60000CDSSilver TrainBHMFR LLC Lovell, Michelle Eramia, Richard $9.80$0.00$0.00
Chart Spring 20164/29/20169Turf STKG3Bewitch S.120 - 106Olorda (GER)3.3No249.27150.092:30.093/5/2016GPT9.50039KEERLord of England (GER)Schwartz, Martin Brown, Chad Leparoux, Julien $71.40$3,552.20$286.40
Chart Spring 20164/29/201610Dirt MCLMCL8.50 - 75Shoppingwithbill3No-0.549.56107.511:47.513/19/2016TPAWS80300KEERPleasantly PerfectLongitude Farm LLC Colebrook, Ben Hernandez, Carlos $66.60$1,263.20$334.40

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Race Date
Date the race was run

Race No
Race number on the card that the race was contested.

Track surface the race was run over.

Race Type
Class of the race, ranging from maiden, claiming, starter allowance, allowance or stakes.

Extended Race Type
Specific conditions of the race.

Distance of the race in furlongs (note 1-mile equals 8 furlongs).

The recorded tempterature at the time of the race.

Rain Fall
The amount of rain that had fallen at the track, if any at the time of the race.

Gallop Master
Indicator that the track surface had been groomed prior to the race.

Field Size
Number of competitors to start the race.
Practical Application: Knowing the field size can help a handicapper determine how a race was run. For instance, shorter field sizes historically favor front-running speed horses. Larger fields tend to produce larger payoffs, given increased competition and a more spread-out wagering tote board.

Winning Post Position
Which position in the starting gate the winner broke from.
Practical Application: Knowing which post positions, inside and/or outside, have been more successful at different distances can be far more advantageous to a handicapper than general post position stats for all race distances and surfaces.

Name of the winning horse.

Final odds of the horse listed “to 1” as in 2.0 equals 2-to-1 odds.
Practical Application: Discover which races handicappers have zeroed in on, and which ones continue to produce blockbuster payoffs.

Was the winning horse favored in the betting?
Practical Application: Knowing where the public has failed to identify winning favorites can unlock big prices, while helping a handicapper identify “false” favorites.

Half-mile Position
Distance the winner was from the leading horse after a half-mile was run in the race. If leading, the number will be a positive number. If trailing, the number will be a negative number. For example, a horse two lengths behind the leader at the half-mile point in the race will be denoted as -2.0. For calculation purposes, a neck is considered one-quarter of a length.
Practical Application: Which running style has proven most effective for each race type and distance? This key information can help horseplayers project today’s contenders who have the right style to be successful.

Half-mile Time
Official track “split” time for the opening half-mile of this race (in seconds).
Practical Application: Sharp handicappers can create par times, or averages, for class and distance in creating their own pace figures, or simply use this data as a gauge as to how fast or slow a particular race may have been run.

Final Time
Official track clocking for the final time of this race (in seconds).
Practical Application: Find out at-a-glance “what it takes” historically to win a race at this class and distance, and compare that with today’s field to see who might be capable of reaching or exceeding the par times.

Last Race Location
Where the winner last competed, using official 2-3 letter track abbreviations. First-time starters are denoted as FTS.
Practical Application: Find out which venues produce the most successful runners for each class level, distance and surface.

Last Race Surface
Surface the winner last competed over, either All-Weather, Turf or Dirt.
Practical Application: Many horses will be changing surface when coming to the Polytrack surface from their most-recent start. You can analyze how turf-to-all-weather or dirt-to-all-weather runners have fared in terms of reaching the winner’s circle.

Last Race Distance
Distance the winner raced at in his or her most recent start.
Practical Application: Discover what distances and races are prime spots for horses stretching out in distance, or turning back in distance, by looking at the winner’s profiles.

Prior All Weather Surface Wins
Number of previous victories on synthetic tracks by the race winner.
Practical Application: Gauge the level of emphasis that winning experience on an all-weather surface has on each class and distance.

Prior All Weather Surface Starts
Number of previous starts on synthetic tracks by the race winner.
Practical Application: Gauge the level of emphasis that previous racing experience on an all-weather surface has on each class and distance.

Prior Turf Wins
Number of previous victories on turf by the race winner.
Practical Application: Gauge the level of emphasis that winning experience on the turf has on each class and distance.

Prior Turf Starts
Number of previous starts on turf by the race winner.
Practical Application: Gauge the level of emphasis that previous racing experience on the turf has on each class and distance.

Last Workout Location
Track or training center where race winner turned in his or her most recent published a.m. workout.
Practical Application: Find out if gaining local experience over an all-weather surface in morning workouts gives horses the edge at each class and distance.

This allows you to filter route races (1 mile or longer) vs. sprint races

Winner’s Sire
The sire of the winning horse.
Practical application: Allows you to filter which sires are most successful at particular distances or conditions

Winner's Owner
The winning owner

Winner's Trainer
The winning trainer
Practical application: Allows you to filter which trainers have the most success based on certain criteria

Winner's Jockey
The winning jockey
Practical application: Allows you to filter which jockeys have the most success based on certain criteria

Exacta Payout
The exacta wager payout for this race based on a $2 wager

Superfecta Payout
The superfecta wager payout for this race based on a $2 wager

Trifecta Payout
The trifecta wager payout for this race based on a $2 wager
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