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Video Link Chart Link Race Meet Race Date Race Number Surface Race Type Extended Race Type Distance Tempture Rain Fall Gallop Master Field Size Winning Post Position Horse Odds Favorite Half Mile Position Half Mile Time Final Time (Seconds) Final Time (M:SS.HH) Last Race Date Last Race Location Last Race Surface Last Race Distance Prior Polytrack Wins Prior Polytrack Starts Prior Turf Wins Prior Turf Starts Last Workout Location Route/Sprint Winners Sire Winners Owner Winners Trainer Winners Jockey Exacta Payout Superfecta Payout Trifecta Payout
Chart Spring 20234/7/20231Dirt MSW2YO4.5112Bledsoe0.8Yes0.12546.8053.2153.21FTSFTS00000KEESIqbaalWard, Wesley Ward, Wesley Rosario, Joel $28.68$297.38$132.45
Chart Spring 20234/7/20232Dirt MSW3YO71212Afternoon Tea5.6No-345.6683.801:23.802/25/2023OPD60000KEESSpeightstownWinStar Farm LLC Brisset, Rodolphe Prat, Flavien $97.77$1,369.82$861.92
Chart Spring 20234/7/20233Dirt AOCNW1X8.573Comparative1.3Yes-0.548.63104.341:44.342/18/2023FGD8.50000KEERStreet SenseGodolphin LLC Cox, Brad Saez, Luis $9.01$6.84$16.01
Chart Spring 20234/7/20234Turf ALWC8.5117Hurricane Dream (FR)3.3No-7.546.14100.601:40.601/28/2023GPT900619FAIRHurricane CatTeam Valor et al Motion, H. Dettori, Lanfranco $34.44$170.29$90.82
Chart Spring 20234/7/20235Dirt AOCNW1X6.5122Positano Sunset6.3No-246.2476.741:16.743/4/2023GPD80000PMMSGoldencentsSix Column Stables LLC Bloch Randall L. Seiler John and Hall David Wilkes, Ian Leparoux, Julien $31.07$608.02$234.52
Chart Spring 20234/7/20236Turf ALWNW2$X5.596Her World (IRE)2.4No145.1562.941:02.942/8/2023TPAWS61213TPSCaravaggioAndrew Farm For the People Racing Stable LLC and Windmill Manor Farm Ward, Wesley Ortiz Jr., Irad $23.80$112.33$123.77
Chart Spring 20234/7/20237Dirt STKLafayette S.775Corona Bolt2.4No0.544.8083.211:23.213/5/2023OPD60000OPSBolt d'OroStonestreet Stables LLC Cox, Brad Geroux, Florent $8.80$79.38$118.16
Chart Spring 20234/7/20238Turf STKG3Kentucky Utilities Transylvania S.8.5117Mo Stash5.5No148.41103.051:43.053/11/2023TAMT80015PAYRMo TownBBN Racing LLC Oliver, Victoria Saez, Luis $32.27$124.93$75.07
Chart Spring 20234/7/20239Dirt STKG1Central Bank Ashland S.8.576Defining Purpose20.3No-147.25103.311:43.312/25/2023OPD8.50000KEERCross TrafficMagdalena Racing (Sherri McPeek) Vanmatre Colette Marie and Ball James McPeek, Kenneth Hernandez Jr., Brian $66.24$133.24$151.92
Chart Spring 20234/7/202310Turf MSW3YO9127Hay Stack3.5No-247.93110.451:50.451/22/2023GPT8.50004PAYRWar FrontBrant, Peter Brown, Chad Gaffalione, Tyler $21.09$66.80$46.13
Chart Spring 20234/8/20231Dirt CLM30NW2L60 - 1111Super Renee2.8Yes1.547.1772.651:12.652/19/2023SAT6.50005SASSuper SaverRed Baron's Barn LLC and Rancho Temescal LLC Hess Jr., Robert Gaffalione, Tyler $13.28$321.61$69.43
Chart Spring 20234/8/20232Dirt MSW3YO70 - 1010Equivoque3No-0.546.5783.311:23.31FTSFTS00000PBDSGood MagicCHC INC. Pletcher, Todd Ortiz Jr., Irad $16.24$36.06$42.48
Chart Spring 20234/8/20233Turf ALWNW2$X5.50 - 1210Mischievous Rogue11.6No-444.9162.911:02.913/10/2023TPAWS6.53901TPSInto MischiefSouthern Comfort Stable LLC Cowans, William Hernandez Jr., Brian $172.77$388.47$432.10
Chart Spring 20234/8/20234Dirt AOCC6.50 - 86Fortin Hill5.4No-1.545.8776.521:16.5211/5/2022KEED6.50000TTCSMucho Macho ManOXO Equine LLC Lobo, Paulo Corrales, Gerardo $30.05$62.67$71.50
Chart Spring 20234/8/20235Dirt STKG3Commonwealth S.70 - 109Here Mi Song11.8No-246.5083.421:23.423/11/2023TPAWS61600INDSCross TrafficHayden, Nathan Stinson Jr., William Achard, Alex $125.77$287.17$452.48
Chart Spring 20234/8/20236Turf STKG2Appalachian S.80 - 92Papilio (IRE)6No-4.548.2796.321:36.323/4/2023GPT80026PMMRStarspangledbanner (AUS)D. J. Stable LLC Medallion Racing Fowler Barry and Parkland Thoroughbreds Casse, Mark Castellano, Javier $23.54$96.06$44.48
Chart Spring 20234/8/20237Dirt STKG1Madison S.70 - 52Goodnight Olive0.4Yes-0.545.9383.121:23.1211/5/2022KEED70000PAYSGhostzapperFirst Row Partners and Team Hanley Brown, Chad Ortiz Jr., Irad $5.35$0.00$6.82
Chart Spring 20234/8/20238Turf STKG2Shakertown S.5.50 - 128Caravel2.2Yes0.12544.7762.581:02.5811/5/2022KEET5.534916KEESMizzen MastQatar Racing Detampel Marc and Madaket Stables LLC Cox, Brad Gaffalione, Tyler $84.18$273.46$198.37
Chart Spring 20234/8/20239Dirt STKG1Toyota Blue Grass S.90 - 111Tapit Trice1.6Yes-2.548.04110.001:50.003/11/2023TAMD8.50000PBDRTapitWhisper Hill Farm LLC and Gainesway Stable (Antony Beck) Pletcher, Todd Saez, Luis $8.77$22.32$21.91
Chart Spring 20234/8/202310Dirt AOCNW1X60 - 81Squire Creek0.6Yes145.8970.891:10.893/2/2023FGD60000KEESUncle MoWinStar Farm LLC Twin Creeks Racing Stables LLC 4 G Racing LLC and Ortyl Ronald Cox, Brad Geroux, Florent $4.52$5.62$13.85
Chart Spring 20234/8/202311Turf MSW3YO90 - 123Operation Torch1.5Yes-6.547.25108.891:48.893/3/2023GPT8.50001PAYRWar FrontJoseph Allen LLC McGaughey III, Claude Ortiz Jr., Irad $29.32$87.71$162.05
Chart Spring 20234/12/20231Dirt CLM2570 - 81Mirth 'n Merriment5No1.546.5987.671:27.673/24/2023TPAWS8.52827CDTSConnectMiller, David Cook, Jason Rocco Jr., Joseph $37.22$38.33$48.08
Chart Spring 20234/12/20232Dirt MSW2YO4.50 - 1110Hibernacle1.5Yes1.545.9852.3952.39FTSFTS00000KEESHootenannyWard, Wesley Ward, Wesley Rosario, Joel $15.70$256.75$97.14
Chart Spring 20234/12/20233Dirt MSW3U60 - 73Amaretti1.1Yes1.545.6070.581:10.586/5/2022BELD60000CDSBernardiniGodolphin LLC Mott, William Prat, Flavien $5.60$60.43$38.64
Chart Spring 20234/12/20234Dirt CLM30NW2L60 - 106Heartbreaker5.3No0.545.2370.151:10.156/17/2022SAT6.50002KEESJimmy CreedWaller Eric M. and Waller Sharon D'Amato, Philip Gutierrez, Reylu $15.66$39.48$44.73
Chart Spring 20234/12/20235Turf ALWNW1X90 - 128Dripping Gold2.2Yes-0.550.17111.451:51.453/5/2023GPT110019KEERLemon Drop KidWest Point Thoroughbreds Ballantyne John A. and Titletown Racing Stables McGaughey III, Claude Gaffalione, Tyler $41.31$178.95$76.71
Chart Spring 20234/12/20236Dirt STRSTR6.50 - 97Street Swagg3.5No-0.7546.1277.991:17.993/16/2023GPD70000KEESStreet SenseGalvin Fergus and Wade John Walsh, Brendan Gaffalione, Tyler $34.44$50.74$110.46
Chart Spring 20234/12/20237Turf ALWNW2$X8.50 - 1110Flirting Bridge (IRE)0.9Yes-4.547.48102.791:42.7910/8/2022WOT1011112PMMRCamelot (GB)Heider Family Stables LLC Walsh, Brendan Gaffalione, Tyler $5.43$79.78$30.55
Chart Spring 20234/12/20238Dirt STRSTR70 - 61Caramel Chip0.6Yes-246.3383.261:23.263/23/2023GPD60105GPSMidshipmanBianco Stable D'Angelo, Jose Ortiz Jr., Irad $7.35$9.60$14.69
Chart Spring 20234/13/20231Dirt STRSTR70 - 1010Invaluable1.4Yes-0.546.5685.361:25.361/4/2023GPD70100KEESIncludeParadise Farms Corp. Maker, Michael Saez, Luis $42.15$91.03$52.64
Chart Spring 20234/13/20232Dirt MSW2YO4.50 - 129Mangione8.4No-2.546.3152.7852.78FTSFTS00000KEESHootenannyWard, Wesley Ward, Wesley Corrales, Gerardo $48.51$979.05$258.80
Chart Spring 20234/13/20233Dirt MCLMCL8.50 - 1211Indy Again5.5No-4.7548.42108.261:48.262/8/2023TPAWS80200KEERFort LarnedCalumet Farm Arnold II, George Graham, James $90.67$393.02$360.61
Chart Spring 20234/13/20234Dirt ALWNW1X70 - 54Bourbon Creed4.5No-2.7545.5783.521:23.522/25/2023GPD80000KEESJimmy CreedBourbon Lane Stable (J. Hill M. McMahon) Wilkes, Ian Hernandez Jr., Brian $15.91$0.00$27.99
Chart Spring 20234/13/20235Dirt MCLMCL6.50 - 87Tim Tal3No146.4077.401:17.403/11/2023FGD60301CDSFast AnnaHays Talmadge V. and Banerjee Timir Lovell, Michelle Hernandez, Colby $10.77$78.31$83.09
Chart Spring 20234/13/20236Turf ALWNW1X90 - 114Quality Star6No-7.546.95109.241:49.241/4/2023TPAWS100218TTCRAnimal KingdomBrownwood Farm LLC Lobo, Paulo Talamo, Joseph $70.77$212.31$137.27
Chart Spring 20234/13/20237Dirt MSW3YO8.50 - 1210Curl Girl1Yes-0.547.33104.351:44.352/5/2023SAD6.50000KEERCurlinMedallion Racing and Platts Joey D'Amato, Philip Prat, Flavien $24.67$111.27$47.91
Chart Spring 20234/13/20238Turf ALWNW2$X8.50 - 117Strong Quality2.8No1.547.26101.431:41.432/25/2023GPT7.50011PMMRQuality RoadBarber Gary and Kinsman Stable Casse, Mark Geroux, Florent $37.52$276.46$540.97
Chart Spring 20234/13/20239Dirt CLM20NW2L90 - 111Caballo Feliz3.5No347.24113.021:53.023/25/2023OPD8.50102OPRRunhappyCalumet Farm McPeek, Kenneth Hernandez Jr., Brian $64.98$78.77$155.63
Chart Spring 20234/14/20231Dirt MSW3U60 - 82Sweet Cherry Pie4.4No0.545.7869.941:09.943/4/2023GPD70000KEESTwirling CandyBBN Racing LLC Arnold II, George Saez, Luis $14.61$16.41$16.64
Chart Spring 20234/14/20232Dirt MCLMCL60 - 105Insolito5.9No-0.545.6371.711:11.713/17/2023TPAWS60400TPSConnectO'Brien, Shawn Estvanko, Richard Mojica, Orlando $94.27$214.10$201.93
Chart Spring 20234/14/20233Dirt STRSTR6.50 - 92Margoinabubblebath4.5No-145.8278.081:18.083/24/2023FGD60000CDSMidnight StormWeiter Joseph A. Thomas Michael J. Allen Jeff W. and Habeeb Donald J. Habeeb, Donald Lanerie, Corey $42.40$228.56$159.77
Chart Spring 20234/14/20234Dirt MCLMCL8.50 - 123He's a Angel14.4No-2.7548.20107.401:47.403/16/2023TPAWS80204TDDRRed Rocks (IRE)Macias, Adolfo Macias, Adolfo Bejarano, Rafael $64.07$84.76$248.08
Chart Spring 20234/14/20235Turf ALWNW1X90 - 1111Allamericanbeauty9.2No-4.2547.21108.501:48.503/11/2023TAMT8.50012KEERInto MischiefCourtlandt Farms (Donald Adam) McGaughey III, Claude Dettori, Lanfranco $38.59$175.10$158.06
Chart Spring 20234/14/20236Dirt ALWNW1X8.50 - 61Distinctlypossible0.7Yes-248.02105.311:45.312/26/2023GPT7.50001KEERCurlinBradley Thoroughbreds Finder Gary Belmar Racing and Breeding LLC Cambron Tim Cambron Anna and Team Hanley Brown, Chad Gaffalione, Tyler $11.55$12.52$32.82
Chart Spring 20234/14/20237Turf STKFanDuel Limestone S.5.50 - 113Love Reigns (IRE)2.7Yes-644.5062.451:02.4511/4/2022KEET5.50024KEESU S Navy FlagStonestreet Stables LLC Ward, Wesley Rosario, Joel $14.94$92.35$56.16
Chart Spring 20234/14/20238Dirt AOCC6.50 - 87Praise and Honor48.5No-0.2546.1777.741:17.742/24/2023TPAWS661101KEESHonor CodeTommy Town Thoroughbreds LLC Wong, Jonathan Rocco Jr., Joseph $499.28$1,313.66$874.94
Chart Spring 20234/14/20239Turf STKG1Maker's Mark Mile S.80 - 83Chez Pierre (FR)9.4No-247.6693.461:33.462/4/2023TAMT8.50056TAMRMehmas (IRE)Lael Stables Delacour, Arnaud Prat, Flavien $22.73$77.91$37.46
Chart Spring 20234/14/202310Dirt MSW3YO8.50 - 108Bourbon Resolve2.1Yes-148.88105.931:45.931/28/2023GPD70000KEERHard SpunBourbon Lane Stable (J. Hill M. McMahon) and Six Column Stables LLC Wilkes, Ian Gaffalione, Tyler $22.47$42.74$43.95
Chart Spring 20234/15/20231Dirt MSW3U8.50 - 62Oglethorpe1.9No-1.7548.07106.221:46.223/17/2023GPT8.50002PMMRArrogateWest Paces Racing LLC R. A. Hill Stable Gargan Danny and Sileno Anthony Gargan, Danny Saez, Luis $23.16$10.32$15.86
Chart Spring 20234/15/20232Dirt MCLMCL60 - 86Please Be Kind1.6Yes-0.12547.8672.761:12.762/16/2023FGD60000CDSViolenceJay Em Ess Stable McGee, Paul Talamo, Joseph $21.64$330.07$207.47
Chart Spring 20234/15/20233Turf ALWNW2$X8.50 - 122Vivar19.1No-6.7546.60100.381:40.382/22/2023TPAWS80214TTCRCairo PrinceShortleaf Stable Inc. Medina, Robert Ortiz, Jose $84.89$132.50$264.52
Chart Spring 20234/15/20234Dirt CLM30C6.50 - 76Implementation1.4Yes-2.547.2078.231:18.2310/27/2022KEED8.51504TPSConstitutionAlmaddah, Abdullah Ward, Wesley Rodriguez, Walter $10.63$6.83$20.80
Chart Spring 20234/15/20235Turf ALWNW1X90 - 125Desert Duke9.3No148.28108.201:48.202/25/2023FGT8.50013KEERKitten's JoyHenderson, William Hartman, Chris Ortiz, Jose $187.05$2,534.51$2,708.94
Chart Spring 20234/15/20236Dirt MSW3YO60 - 129Scylla2.6No-1.546.3170.321:10.32FTSFTS00000CDSTapitJuddmonte Mott, William Castellano, Javier $9.98$50.18$50.38
Chart Spring 20234/15/20237Dirt ALWNW1X8.50 - 81Barber Road2.4No-0.7547.81105.021:45.023/11/2023OPD90000KEERRace DayWSS Racing LLC Ortiz, John Gutierrez, Reylu $12.91$33.94$34.19
Chart Spring 20234/15/20238Turf STKGiant's Causeway S.5.50 - 129Twilight Gleaming (IRE)2.8Yes-0.12544.3961.741:01.7410/16/2022KEET5.50058KEESNational Defense (GB)Stonestreet Stables LLC Ward, Wesley Ortiz Jr., Irad $283.77$1,748.89$828.43
Chart Spring 20234/15/20239Dirt STKG3Stonestreet Lexington S.8.50 - 104First Mission2.2Yes-248.01103.741:43.743/18/2023FGD8.50000CDRStreet SenseGodolphin LLC Cox, Brad Saez, Luis $16.46$37.93$27.32
Chart Spring 20234/15/202310Turf STKG1Jenny Wiley S.8.50 - 62In Italian (GB)0.8Yes147.2999.711:39.7111/5/2022KEET9.50059KEERDubawi (IRE)Brant, Peter Brown, Chad Ortiz Jr., Irad $4.06$5.77$5.11
Chart Spring 20234/15/202311Dirt AOCNW2$X6.50 - 1212Tarabi2.7Yes-0.12545.9377.991:17.999/24/2022CDD70000KEESFirst SamuraiLBD Stable LLC Manganaro Bloodstock and Ingordo David DeVaux, Cherie Saez, Luis $32.12$392.94$123.47
Chart Spring 20234/16/20231Dirt CLM2570 - 81American Pure1.5Yes-3.2546.3884.641:24.643/12/2023OPD61301KEESAmerican FreedomSchubert R. Allen and Portilla Racing Schultz, Lindsay Rosario, Joel $9.83$46.92$28.92
Chart Spring 20234/16/20232Turf ALWNW1X120 - 77Sinfiltre1.8No350.41151.542:31.543/3/2023GPAWS9.51201PBDRUncle MoWertheimer and Frere Pletcher, Todd Ortiz Jr., Irad $10.94$7.39$23.21
Chart Spring 20234/16/20233Dirt MCLMCL60 - 1010Hocus8.6No346.5472.311:12.31FTSFTS00000CDTSArcharcharchThompson, Michael Thompson, Michael Cannon, Declan $28.11$127.22$165.49
Chart Spring 20234/16/20234Turf ALWC80 - 62Gam's Mission1.8Yes-748.1196.341:36.343/11/2023TAMT900411KEERNoble Mission (GB)Lazy F Ranch (Corbett) DeVaux, Cherie Gaffalione, Tyler $12.26$21.76$34.42
Chart Spring 20234/16/20235Dirt AOCNW2$X6.50 - 104Peaceful Waters4.3No144.7176.761:16.7610/14/2022KEED60000CDSDialed InAllied Racing Stable LLC Stall Jr., Albert Saez, Luis $36.61$120.95$110.38
Chart Spring 20234/16/20236Dirt MSW3YO60 - 108Saudi Crown5.9No-245.2570.011:10.01FTSFTS00000KEESAlways DreamingFMQ Stables Inc. Cox, Brad Geroux, Florent $36.31$95.90$65.52
Chart Spring 20234/16/20237Turf STKPalisades S.5.50 - 125Gaslight Dancer6.7No-344.4362.711:02.7111/4/2022KEET80013CDTSCity of LightParadise Farms Corp. Staudacher David Skychai Racing LLC and Carlesimo Angelo Maker, Michael Gaffalione, Tyler $281.31$1,829.27$1,244.25
Chart Spring 20234/16/20238Dirt STKG2Beaumont S.70 - 77Key of Life0.5Yes1.544.8787.321:27.323/25/2023OPD60000OPSMo TownFlurry Racing Stables LLC and Hoffman Family Racing LLC Cox, Brad Prat, Flavien $3.35$4.67$5.73
Chart Spring 20234/16/20239Dirt CLM30C6.50 - 86Boudoir Burlesque33No-146.0878.871:18.873/28/2023MVRD60100TTCSJack MiltonAbbott, Scott Decker, Anna Mojica Jr., Rafael $233.01$458.92$503.60
Chart Spring 20234/19/20231Dirt MSW2YO4.50 - 108Youalmosthadme1.9No3.545.3551.7851.78FTSFTS00000KEESOxbowHancock Donna G. Royer Richard and Stone Shaun Hancock, John Gaffalione, Tyler $7.16$17.80$19.79
Chart Spring 20234/19/20232Dirt CLM12.58.50 - 61Call of Honor1.6Yes247.28105.361:45.3610/31/2022MVRD80101CDTRHonor CodeChicken Fried Racing LLC Van Berg, Thomas Gaffalione, Tyler $10.75$9.28$18.73
Chart Spring 20234/19/20233Dirt MCLMCL60 - 1110I'mherefortheparty7.1No-346.5872.841:12.842/23/2023TPAWS6.50100KEESBlameHomewrecker Racing LLC Kenneally, Eddie Saez, Luis $85.84$708.34$551.37
Chart Spring 20234/19/20234Turf MSW3YO80 - 127Up and Down1.5Yes-3.548.0296.331:36.339/1/2022SART5.50001KEERCreative CauseHead of Plains Partners LLC Brown, Chad Ortiz Jr., Irad $27.69$262.76$213.14
Chart Spring 20234/19/20235Dirt CLM50C70 - 63The Honorable One4.1No0.546.0587.691:27.692/28/2023MVRD80201CDTSHonor CodeTommy Town Thoroughbreds LLC Wong, Jonathan Nava-Marin, Jose $30.68$106.84$141.60
Chart Spring 20234/19/20236Turf ALWNW1X120 - 104Wind Twist56No-449.08148.062:28.063/15/2023TPAWS82611TPRGet StormySandy Stephen S. and Sandy Brenda Sandy, Stephen Rodriguez, Walter $1,078.80$1,759.90$2,383.51
Chart Spring 20234/19/20237Dirt CLM75NW2L8.50 - 72Film Star1.1Yes147.21103.071:43.072/24/2023OPD8.50000KEERFlatterGary and Mary West Cox, Brad Prat, Flavien $30.92$27.94$52.84
Chart Spring 20234/19/20238Turf MSW3YO80 - 115Work of Fiction14No1.547.4995.231:35.232/18/2023GPT50001CDRGood MagicAshbrook Farm and Stone Farm Arnold II, George Saez, Luis $68.44$207.67$210.00
Chart Spring 20234/20/20231Dirt MCLMCL8.50 - 62Lady With a Cause3.6No-0.12548.98106.391:46.393/16/2023OPD80000OPRCreative CauseMicovic, Daniel McPeek, Kenneth Hernandez Jr., Brian $5.93$3.41$8.51
Chart Spring 20234/20/20232Dirt MSW2YO4.50 - 95American Rascal0.5Yes245.0151.2151.21FTSFTS00000KEESCurlinStonestreet Stables LLC Ward, Wesley Rosario, Joel $14.13$122.34$123.28
Chart Spring 20234/20/20233Turf MSW3YO80 - 123Ocean City8.8No147.2096.321:36.323/26/2023FGT80001CDRAmerican PharoahWesterberg Magnier Mrs. John Tabor Michael B. and Smith Derrick Asmussen, Steven Rosario, Joel $37.31$1,159.46$237.38
Chart Spring 20234/20/20234Dirt CLM30NW2L8.50 - 85Ministerial5.6No-0.2548.85105.941:45.942/24/2023TPAWS80201KEERUncle MoAndrew Farm Ocean Reef Racing and O'Connor Debra L Ward, Wesley Velazquez, John $15.51$37.09$18.16
Chart Spring 20234/20/20235Turf ALWNW1X5.50 - 119Daring Do3.1Yes-0.7546.0563.121:03.123/2/2023TPAWS61200KEESInto MischiefLael Stables Ward, Wesley Rodriguez, Walter $31.78$47.96$72.75
Chart Spring 20234/20/20236Dirt STRSTR6.50 - 83Nifty6.5No-1.545.7877.011:17.013/24/2023HOUD6.50000LSSGhostzapperEgert, William Calhoun, W. Gutierrez, Reylu $28.12$126.61$157.91
Chart Spring 20234/20/20237Turf ALWNW3$X8.50 - 119Royal Patronage (FR)2.8Yes-347.06100.361:40.369/6/2022CNLT900312FAIRWootton Bassett (GB)Highclere Thoroughbred Racing LLC Motion, H. Rosario, Joel $90.87$636.51$447.38
Chart Spring 20234/20/20238Dirt AOCNW2$X90 - 62Time for Trouble17.8No-148.74109.891:49.893/4/2023GPT1100518HPTREnglish ChannelHiles Jeff A. and Thorndale Stable LLC Hiles, Jeff Talamo, Joseph $94.56$137.64$262.03
Chart Spring 20234/20/20239Turf MSW3YO80 - 115Sherlock's Jewel2.7Yes-149.7298.261:38.269/14/2022KDT80002KEERLeaWharton Connell Racing LLC McGaughey III, Claude Saez, Luis $24.25$154.40$50.82
Chart Spring 20234/21/20231Dirt CLM258.50 - 31P H Factor1.7No0.549.58106.051:46.053/31/2023TPAWS81224411TPRThe FactorTEC Racing (Elliott S. Logan) Esquivel, Jesus Corrales, Gerardo $0.00$0.00$0.00
Chart Spring 20234/21/20232Dirt MCLMCL8.50 - 93Apollo Rising5.4No0.549.27106.071:46.0710/26/2022KEED70000CDRKarakontie (JPN)Racepoint Stables McGee, Paul Bejarano, Rafael $39.02$46.13$80.01
Chart Spring 20234/21/20233Dirt AOCNW2$X90 - 41Jump Into the Fire3.1No348.01113.291:53.296/29/2022CDD8.50000KEERRunhappyWarren, Andrew Colebrook, Ben Navas, Yoel $7.63$0.00$0.00
Chart Spring 20234/21/20234Dirt MSW3U8.50 - 71Loved0.6Yes148.17104.551:44.553/13/2022GPD60000KEERMedaglia d'OroGodolphin LLC Walsh, Brendan Gaffalione, Tyler $3.09$7.15$10.55
Chart Spring 20234/21/20235Turf ALWNW1X5.50 - 124Gregory's Pride2.6Yes-4.544.2561.871:01.872/5/2023SAT6.500114KEESTamarkuzOld Bones Racing Stable LLC D'Amato, Philip Prat, Flavien $10.86$64.29$47.28
Chart Spring 20234/21/20236Dirt STRSTR6.50 - 74Appeal Denied1.7No0.547.1677.661:17.662/12/2023FGD60000CDSSuccessful AppealDonamire Farm Foley, Gregory Gaffalione, Tyler $12.98$13.89$27.31
Chart Spring 20234/21/20237Dirt MSW3YO6.50 - 93Magical Lute4.3No-645.1878.911:18.919/16/2022CDD80000KEESMaclean's MusicWhitham Thoroughbreds LLC Wilkes, Ian Hernandez Jr., Brian $58.66$382.60$514.68
Chart Spring 20234/21/20238Turf ALWNW3$X8.50 - 93Viareggio (IRE)4.3No-248.81101.931:41.938/27/2022CURT900311KEERCaravaggioHunter Valley Farm O'Connor Debra L Shanahan Mrs. Paul and Detampel Marc Walsh, Brendan Gaffalione, Tyler $17.00$54.59$51.49
Chart Spring 20234/21/20239Dirt STKG3Baird Doubledogdare S.8.50 - 63Frost Point4.5No-448.26103.951:43.952/18/2023AQUD80000CDRFrostedGodolphin LLC Mott, William Prat, Flavien $48.76$34.46$103.84
Chart Spring 20234/21/202310Turf ALWNW1X90 - 117Reckoning Force7No-3.547.62108.641:48.643/25/2023TPAWS8.50117TPRAir Force BlueQatar Racing Limited Detampel Marc and Galvin Fergus Walsh, Brendan Gaffalione, Tyler $19.61$48.53$66.88
Chart Spring 20234/22/20231Dirt CLM166.50 - 62Why Behave3.2No0.546.7179.091:19.093/12/2023FGD60001CDSWicked StrongMoss, Maggi Delacruz Mejia, Joel Morales, Edgar $13.55$14.36$29.35
Chart Spring 20234/22/20232Dirt STRSTR8.50 - 64Deck of Cards2.3No148.73105.871:45.872/15/2023TPAWS83501CDTRNyquistGulliver Racing LLC and Wong Jonathan Wong, Jonathan Gutierrez, Reylu $8.83$6.40$11.05
Chart Spring 20234/22/20233Dirt MCLMCL70 - 114Couth10.3No-0.545.9485.071:25.077/23/2022SART8.50001CDSWar FrontClaiborne Farm Drury Jr., Thomas Talamo, Joseph $256.60$2,586.37$3,672.33
Chart Spring 20234/22/20234Dirt CLM62.570 - 72Silk Trade2.2Yes-145.3383.521:23.522/17/2023OPD80002OPSInto MischiefQuarter Pole Club VI LLC Casse, Norm Ortiz Jr., Irad $7.48$17.48$14.47
Chart Spring 20234/22/20235Turf ALWNW2$X90 - 84Lovely Princess6.1No-1.549.46110.011:50.0111/25/2022CDT8.50025KEERTwirling CandyGentry Farms (Robert Kirk Gentry/Robbi Force) McPeek, Kenneth Hernandez Jr., Brian $18.60$13.30$21.92
Chart Spring 20234/22/20236Dirt MSW3YO6.50 - 127Class Actor3.8No0.12545.4578.451:18.45FTSFTS00000KEESGhostzapperSpendthrift Farm LLC Steve Landers Racing LLC Schwartz Martin S. Dubb Michael Ten Strike Racing Bakke Jim Titletown RaciCox, Brad Geroux, Florent $19.01$39.44$33.70
Chart Spring 20234/22/20237Dirt ALWNW2L60 - 51Aunt Becca13.1No-0.546.3069.731:09.733/10/2023TPAWS61200KEESUncle MoTurtle Creek Farm LLC DeVaux, Cherie Hernandez Jr., Brian $26.72$0.00$71.55
Chart Spring 20234/22/20238Turf STKG2Elkhorn S.120 - 87Verstappen16.2No-649.69149.282:29.283/25/2023TPAWS92318TPRWar FrontAndrew Farm For the People Racing Stable LLC and Windmill Manor Farm Walsh, Brendan Cannon, Declan $118.11$519.33$520.46
Chart Spring 20234/22/20239Dirt STKG3Ben Ali S.9.50 - 75Rattle N Roll3No-3.547.62116.481:56.483/25/2023FGD90000CDRConnectLucky Seven Stable (Mackin) McPeek, Kenneth Hernandez Jr., Brian $57.06$172.66$162.79
Chart Spring 20234/22/202310Turf ALWC5.50 - 115Front Run the Fed12.2No-7.2544.0762.231:02.2312/31/2022SAT6.500520TTCSFed BizSharp, George Caramori, Caio Gutierrez, Reylu $102.24$1,098.36$488.30
Chart Spring 20234/23/20231Dirt CLM30C8.50 - 75King's Ovation1.1Yes-1.549.64105.801:45.802/2/2023GPD80200CDRNot This TimeWest Point Thoroughbreds and Peacock Stable (Tom Hammond) Romans, Dale Talamo, Joseph $5.67$8.24$17.55
Chart Spring 20234/23/20232Turf MSW3U5.50 - 1212Secret Money4No-3.544.7662.711:02.714/2/2023GPT50001CDSGood SamaritanFortune Farm LLC (Richard Nicolai) Walsh, Brendan Ortiz Jr., Irad $16.53$110.12$64.86
Chart Spring 20234/23/20233Dirt CLM50C70 - 77Honorifique1Yes-3.547.1489.941:29.943/7/2023MVRD60000KEESHonor CodeGreen Lantern Stables LLC Kenneally, Eddie Saez, Luis $12.19$17.60$22.90
Chart Spring 20234/23/20234Dirt CLM62.58.50 - 63Olliemyboy7No-250.20106.541:46.543/2/2023FGD8.321500CDRUnion RagsJMJ Racing Stables LLC Stall Jr., Albert Lanerie, Corey $56.29$45.31$72.53
Chart Spring 20234/23/20235Turf ALWNW1X80 - 122For the Flag3Yes149.3897.041:37.043/12/2023GPT80013KEERUncle MoJoseph Allen LLC Toner, James Ruiz, Jorge $23.03$64.26$61.03
Chart Spring 20234/23/20236Dirt MCLMCL70 - 82Little Dixie10.4No-3.546.2887.861:27.863/3/2023OPD80000KEESUnion RagsSparks, William Moquett, Ron Gaffalione, Tyler $49.62$45.33$67.55
Chart Spring 20234/23/20237Turf ALWNW2$X90 - 76Limited Liability1.1Yes-449.10109.561:49.5610/22/2022BAQT90028BELRKitten's JoyJanney III, Stuart McGaughey III, Claude Ortiz Jr., Irad $8.88$18.25$15.69
Chart Spring 20234/23/20238Dirt ALWNW2L70 - 53Tumbarumba4.8No-0.545.5883.371:23.373/11/2023GPT8.50002KEESOscar PerformanceAmerman Racing LLC Lynch, Brian Saez, Luis $11.29$0.00$14.63
Chart Spring 20234/23/20239Turf MSW3YO80 - 122After Eight2.3Yes1.547.7096.301:36.308/25/2022DELD5.50000KEERInto MischiefBurning Daylight Farms Inc. and Galbraith Rebecca Delacour, Arnaud Prat, Flavien $13.13$248.85$194.84
Chart Spring 20234/26/20231Dirt MSW2YO4.50 - 94Commissioner Dan11.2No-0.546.1252.5252.52FTSFTS00000TTCSCommissionerGrayson Jr. Bob Risi Oreste P. and Matejka Pavel Matejka, Pavel Machado, Luan $36.14$221.72$384.61
Chart Spring 20234/26/20232Turf MSW3U5.50 - 1110Charging2.7Yes144.8462.021:02.023/26/2023FGT80001INDSCandy Ride (ARG)LaPenta Robert V. e Five Racing Thoroughbreds and Madaket Stables LLC Cox, Brad Geroux, Florent $35.80$141.98$189.69
Chart Spring 20234/26/20233Dirt STRSTR8.50 - 65Miacomet2.6No147.71105.831:45.832/11/2023OPD8.50000CDRFlatterCory Moelis Racing LLC and Sussman Jeremy Shirer, Matt Gaffalione, Tyler $11.71$16.10$24.73
Chart Spring 20234/26/20234Turf ALWNW1X80 - 88Catnip3.9No-2.2548.3095.471:35.4710/26/2022KEET90014KEERKitten's JoyMoore Susan and John Stidham, Michael Hernandez Jr., Brian $12.30$22.03$31.07
Chart Spring 20234/26/20235Dirt MSW2YO4.50 - 121Brightwork4No-0.12546.2752.4952.49FTSFTS00000KEESOutworkWSS Racing LLC Ortiz, John Gutierrez, Reylu $8.42$75.69$21.71
Chart Spring 20234/26/20236Turf ALWC5.50 - 94Our Shot3.3No1.544.2261.181:01.183/3/2023TAMD5.50012KEESKantharosGatsas Stables Schoenfeld Steven and Terranova II John P. Terranova II, John Saez, Luis $9.43$49.05$62.82
Chart Spring 20234/26/20237Dirt CLM50NW2L60 - 65One Giant Leap1.7No-2.545.6771.251:11.253/15/2023TPAWS6.51100KEESWill Take ChargeThree Chimneys Farm Ward, Wesley Rodriguez, Walter $7.14$3.84$7.75
Chart Spring 20234/26/20238Turf ALWNW2$X120 - 71Miss Yearwood5.8No-650.60149.712:29.714/1/2023GPT120014SKYRWill Take ChargeLong, Roger Wilkes, Ian Landeros, Chris $80.61$217.04$239.83
Chart Spring 20234/27/20231Dirt MCLMCL60 - 88Manchester2.3Yes-3.546.6072.331:12.333/16/2023TPAWS80400TPSCurlinAverage Joe Racing Stables Ltd. Engler, Jeff Lanerie, Corey $10.32$61.95$47.97
Chart Spring 20234/27/20232Turf MSW2YO5.50 - 88Fandom (GB)0.6Yes2.546.1163.211:03.21FTSFTS00000KEESShowcasing (GB)Stonestreet Stables LLC Ward, Wesley Ortiz Jr., Irad $5.38$32.18$40.47
Chart Spring 20234/27/20233Dirt MSW3YO70 - 62Arden's Assault2.1Yes2.546.0487.711:27.713/18/2023FGD8.320000CDSViolenceThrash and Payne Cox, Brad Saez, Luis $13.09$28.17$40.10
Chart Spring 20234/27/20234Dirt CLM20NW2L60 - 72Cami Cat1.1Yes346.8771.631:11.633/30/2023TPAWS61400ELPSDialed InScates Hugh D. Scates Joseph A. Wargel William J. and R.K. Eckrich Racing LLC Foster, Eric Corrales, Gerardo $6.26$25.70$9.31
Chart Spring 20234/27/20235Turf ALWNW2$X120 - 94The Grey Wizard (IRE)3.1No-8.549.68148.992:28.992/5/2023SAT101118FAIRCaravaggioEclipse Thoroughbred Partners and Frassetto Albert Motion, H. Velazquez, John $61.64$139.87$138.49
Chart Spring 20234/27/20236Dirt CLM50NW2L8.50 - 61Yo Puedo2.6No0.549.89106.961:46.963/12/2023HAWD50000TTCRFlat OutNotch Hill Farm Medina, Robert Geroux, Florent $24.14$10.79$24.17
Chart Spring 20234/27/20237Turf ALWNW1X80 - 128Miss Riddler10.9No149.1196.801:36.807/29/2022ELPD80000CDRDialed InGreen Lantern Stables LLC Kenneally, Eddie Saez, Luis $60.99$200.86$111.52
Chart Spring 20234/27/20238Dirt ALWNW2L70 - 75Braganza3.9No-0.546.2783.861:23.862/23/2023FGD60000CDSDialed InRedmon Farm Kenneally, Eddie Saez, Luis $38.47$68.24$95.31
Chart Spring 20234/27/20239Turf MSW3U9.50 - 123Monjid19.7No1.547.86114.601:54.603/1/2023FGT8.50104KEERMohaymenShadwell Stable McKeever, Andrew Geroux, Florent $168.57$1,624.65$1,315.48
Chart Spring 20234/28/20231Dirt CLM758.50 - 64Flamand7.8No-846.63106.521:46.524/2/2023HAWD5.50000HAWRCreative CauseCaras, Dean Lopez, Elias Graham, James $119.40$206.58$192.78
Chart Spring 20234/28/20232Dirt MSW2YO4.50 - 1010Tito's N Kenz12.7No-246.6053.3453.34FTSFTS00000KEESUnifiedPappas Horse Racing Corp Mendez, Luis Cannon, Declan $30.13$68.80$63.95
Chart Spring 20234/28/20233Dirt MCLMCL8.50 - 97Prana20.8No-0.550.11108.691:48.691/13/2023TPAWS80200HPTRClassic EmpireRocket Ship Racing LLC Hiles, Jeff Hernandez, Colby $140.07$253.92$429.97
Chart Spring 20234/28/20234Dirt CLM50NW2L8.50 - 52Ardanwood2Yes147.91104.881:44.889/3/2022CBYT7.50014KEERGemologistRobertson Hugh H. and Butzow Barry Robertson, McLean Gaffalione, Tyler $9.42$0.00$28.82
Chart Spring 20234/28/20235Dirt AOCNW3$X90 - 63We the People0.7Yes149.17110.291:50.299/24/2022PRXD90000PBDRConstitutionWinStar Farm LLC Flay Bobby CMNWLTH and Siena Farm LLC Pletcher, Todd Ortiz Jr., Irad $9.11$19.89$29.98
Chart Spring 20234/28/20236Turf MSW3U9.50 - 111Such Sounds17.2No-6.25117.431:57.433/23/2023TPAWS80301CDRCairo PrinceRigney Racing LLC Bauer, Philip Landeros, Chris $57.75$1,897.51$833.75
Chart Spring 20234/28/20237Dirt MSW3YO70 - 116Loyal Company4.7No-445.4786.371:26.373/11/2023TPAWS60100KEESFrostedGodolphin LLC Walsh, Brendan Gaffalione, Tyler $41.80$127.14$68.48
Chart Spring 20234/28/20238Turf STKG3Bewitch S.120 - 54War Like Goddess0.5Yes-352.39152.112:32.1111/5/2022KEET1200913PAYREnglish ChannelKrikorian, George Mott, William Rosario, Joel $3.39$0.00$1.95
Chart Spring 20234/28/20239Dirt ALWNW2L70 - 65Bourbon Heist2.4No-145.8582.861:22.863/10/2023TPAWS6.51300CDSPractical JokeBourbon Lane Stable (J. Hill M. McMahon) Wilkes, Ian Navas, Yoel $15.66$7.51$21.28
Chart Spring 20234/28/202310Turf ALWNW1X80 - 123Turf King (IRE)1.3Yes-448.9597.971:37.972/16/2023GPAWS8.321100KEERKingman (GB)Wise Racing LLC Brown, Chad Gaffalione, Tyler $22.53$59.89$46.35

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Race Date
Date the race was run

Race No
Race number on the card that the race was contested.

Track surface the race was run over.

Race Type
Class of the race, ranging from maiden, claiming, starter allowance, allowance or stakes.

Extended Race Type
Specific conditions of the race.

Distance of the race in furlongs (note 1-mile equals 8 furlongs).

The recorded tempterature at the time of the race.

Rain Fall
The amount of rain that had fallen at the track, if any at the time of the race.

Gallop Master
Indicator that the track surface had been groomed prior to the race.

Field Size
Number of competitors to start the race.
Practical Application: Knowing the field size can help a handicapper determine how a race was run. For instance, shorter field sizes historically favor front-running speed horses. Larger fields tend to produce larger payoffs, given increased competition and a more spread-out wagering tote board.

Winning Post Position
Which position in the starting gate the winner broke from.
Practical Application: Knowing which post positions, inside and/or outside, have been more successful at different distances can be far more advantageous to a handicapper than general post position stats for all race distances and surfaces.

Name of the winning horse.

Final odds of the horse listed “to 1” as in 2.0 equals 2-to-1 odds.
Practical Application: Discover which races handicappers have zeroed in on, and which ones continue to produce blockbuster payoffs.

Was the winning horse favored in the betting?
Practical Application: Knowing where the public has failed to identify winning favorites can unlock big prices, while helping a handicapper identify “false” favorites.

Half-mile Position
Distance the winner was from the leading horse after a half-mile was run in the race. If leading, the number will be a positive number. If trailing, the number will be a negative number. For example, a horse two lengths behind the leader at the half-mile point in the race will be denoted as -2.0. For calculation purposes, a neck is considered one-quarter of a length.
Practical Application: Which running style has proven most effective for each race type and distance? This key information can help horseplayers project today’s contenders who have the right style to be successful.

Half-mile Time
Official track “split” time for the opening half-mile of this race (in seconds).
Practical Application: Sharp handicappers can create par times, or averages, for class and distance in creating their own pace figures, or simply use this data as a gauge as to how fast or slow a particular race may have been run.

Final Time
Official track clocking for the final time of this race (in seconds).
Practical Application: Find out at-a-glance “what it takes” historically to win a race at this class and distance, and compare that with today’s field to see who might be capable of reaching or exceeding the par times.

Last Race Location
Where the winner last competed, using official 2-3 letter track abbreviations. First-time starters are denoted as FTS.
Practical Application: Find out which venues produce the most successful runners for each class level, distance and surface.

Last Race Surface
Surface the winner last competed over, either All-Weather, Turf or Dirt.
Practical Application: Many horses will be changing surface when coming to the Polytrack surface from their most-recent start. You can analyze how turf-to-all-weather or dirt-to-all-weather runners have fared in terms of reaching the winner’s circle.

Last Race Distance
Distance the winner raced at in his or her most recent start.
Practical Application: Discover what distances and races are prime spots for horses stretching out in distance, or turning back in distance, by looking at the winner’s profiles.

Prior All Weather Surface Wins
Number of previous victories on synthetic tracks by the race winner.
Practical Application: Gauge the level of emphasis that winning experience on an all-weather surface has on each class and distance.

Prior All Weather Surface Starts
Number of previous starts on synthetic tracks by the race winner.
Practical Application: Gauge the level of emphasis that previous racing experience on an all-weather surface has on each class and distance.

Prior Turf Wins
Number of previous victories on turf by the race winner.
Practical Application: Gauge the level of emphasis that winning experience on the turf has on each class and distance.

Prior Turf Starts
Number of previous starts on turf by the race winner.
Practical Application: Gauge the level of emphasis that previous racing experience on the turf has on each class and distance.

Last Workout Location
Track or training center where race winner turned in his or her most recent published a.m. workout.
Practical Application: Find out if gaining local experience over an all-weather surface in morning workouts gives horses the edge at each class and distance.

This allows you to filter route races (1 mile or longer) vs. sprint races

Winner’s Sire
The sire of the winning horse.
Practical application: Allows you to filter which sires are most successful at particular distances or conditions

Winner's Owner
The winning owner

Winner's Trainer
The winning trainer
Practical application: Allows you to filter which trainers have the most success based on certain criteria

Winner's Jockey
The winning jockey
Practical application: Allows you to filter which jockeys have the most success based on certain criteria

Exacta Payout
The exacta wager payout for this race based on a $2 wager

Superfecta Payout
The superfecta wager payout for this race based on a $2 wager

Trifecta Payout
The trifecta wager payout for this race based on a $2 wager
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