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Video Link Chart Link Race Meet Race Date Race Number Surface Race Type Extended Race Type Distance Tempture Rain Fall Gallop Master Field Size Winning Post Position Horse Odds Favorite Half Mile Position Half Mile Time Final Time (Seconds) Final Time (M:SS.HH) Last Race Date Last Race Location Last Race Surface Last Race Distance Prior Polytrack Wins Prior Polytrack Starts Prior Turf Wins Prior Turf Starts Last Workout Location Route/Sprint Winners Sire Winners Owner Winners Trainer Winners Jockey Exacta Payout Superfecta Payout Trifecta Payout
Chart Spring 20244/5/20241Dirt STRSTR771Play Good Pay Good1.9Yes145.9988.861:28.862/23/2024FGT5.50001BELSCongratsDubb Michael and C2 Racing Stable LLC Dutrow Jr., Richard Ortiz Jr., Irad $10.46$29.61$32.21
Chart Spring 20244/5/20242Dirt MSW2YO4.599Shoot It True0.5Yes545.1652.0452.04FTSFTS00000KEESMunningsIce Wine Stable and Smart Choice Stable Ward, Wesley Gaffalione, Tyler $6.39$38.87$33.71
Chart Spring 20244/5/20243Turf ALWNW2$X5.593Mo Stash2.5Yes0.12545.1663.271:03.279/9/2023KDT6.500210PAYSMo TownBBN Racing LLC Oliver, Victoria Saez, Luis $11.55$22.67$24.34
Chart Spring 20244/5/20244Dirt MSW3YO791Roman Grace2.8No0.545.6384.561:24.563/9/2024AQUD60000BELSMunningsJP Racing Stable and Paradise Farms Corp. Pletcher, Todd Gaffalione, Tyler $17.76$19.36$25.43
Chart Spring 20244/5/20245Turf MSW3YO9.5114Sy B2.3Yes-2.549.02118.861:58.863/6/2024TPAWS8.50200KEEREnglish ChannelBlue Heaven Farm (Bonnie Baskin and Adam Corndorf) DeVaux, Cherie Ortiz Jr., Irad $31.75$237.45$180.38
Chart Spring 20244/5/20246Dirt STKLafayette S.775Glengarry5.8No144.9882.911:22.9112/15/2023RPD80000OPSMaximus MischiefKennedy Aaron Joseph Toby and Anderson Doug Anderson, Doug Saez, Luis $30.43$105.62$186.22
Chart Spring 20244/5/20247Dirt AOCNW1X6.582Legadema4.5No-1.545.1677.571:17.572/2/2024OPD60000CDSArrogateRigney Racing LLC Bauer, Philip Garcia, Martin $17.58$109.98$46.84
Chart Spring 20244/5/20248Turf STKG3Transylvania S. Presented by Keeneland Select8.5124Neat13.4No-148.78104.931:44.931/27/2024HOUT80034FGRConstitutionRed White and Blue Racing LLC Atras, Rob Gutierrez, Reylu $102.83$2,253.88$901.94
Chart Spring 20244/5/20249Dirt STKG1Central Bank Ashland S.8.583Leslie's Rose9.5No-248.27103.851:43.853/2/2024GPD80000PBDRInto MischiefWhisper Hill Farm LLC Pletcher, Todd Ortiz Jr., Irad $56.92$49.55$105.60
Chart Spring 20244/5/202410Turf MSW3YO9.51111Faith Understood13.5No-0.547.82118.731:58.733/6/2024TPAWS8.50100TPRCatholic BoyLaPenta, Robert Thomas, Jonathan Geroux, Florent $88.61$316.98$263.05
Chart Spring 20244/6/20241Dirt MSW3YO8.50 - 75Elephants Ear3.1No-348.80105.821:45.823/16/2024FGD8.50000CDRVino RossoThree Chimneys Farm LLC (Goncalo B. Torrealba) and Fern Circle Stables McPeek, Kenneth Hernandez Jr., Brian $39.42$39.64$89.20
Chart Spring 20244/6/20242Dirt AOCNW1X60 - 61Billal3.6No0.12545.7170.531:10.532/3/2024GPD70000PAYSStreet SenseKaleem Shah Inc. Mott, William Alvarado, Junior $22.25$24.88$55.73
Chart Spring 20244/6/20243Dirt MSW3YO70 - 126Discreet Mischief0.9Yes-0.12545.5483.271:23.272/17/2024FGD60000CDSInto MischiefSumaya U.S. Stable Cox, Brad Geroux, Florent $11.34$151.64$78.70
Chart Spring 20244/6/20244Dirt AOCC60 - 76Prevalence5.5No1.545.6270.001:10.003/1/2024GPT50102PMMSMedaglia d'OroGodolphin LLC Walsh, Brendan Ortiz Jr., Irad $33.55$67.66$58.75
Chart Spring 20244/6/20245Turf MSW3YO9.50 - 122White Palomino3.9No-246.61117.751:57.751/20/2024GPT8.50001PAYRKitten's JoyBakke James J. and Isbister Gerald Brown, Chad Ortiz, Jose $32.37$263.07$297.21
Chart Spring 20244/6/20246Dirt STKG3Commonwealth S.70 - 75Bo Cruz6.1No-0.12546.3282.941:22.942/12/2024FGD8.320000CDSCreative CauseCettina Roger Pagano Brian Grippo Patrick Martine Peter and De Julio Bruno Stall Jr., Albert Ortiz, Jose $24.83$27.40$35.83
Chart Spring 20244/6/20247Turf STKG2Appalachian S. Presented by Japan Racing Association80 - 129Buchu6.5No-4.547.2596.361:36.3611/3/2023SAT80024CDRJustifyRigney Racing LLC Bauer, Philip Garcia, Martin $441.97$4,865.85$1,541.61
Chart Spring 20244/6/20248Dirt STKG1Resolute Racing Madison S.70 - 86Alva Starr2.2Yes-145.0183.361:23.362/3/2024OPD60000KEESLord NelsonLadner, P. Brinkman, Brett Gaffalione, Tyler $9.60$14.81$18.73
Chart Spring 20244/6/20249Turf STKG2Shakertown S.5.50 - 126Arzak3.6No-244.7362.931:02.9311/4/2023SAT548315FAISNot This TimeSonata Stable Trombetta, Michael Ortiz Jr., Irad $18.40$228.76$147.16
Chart Spring 20244/6/202410Dirt STKG1Toyota Blue Grass S.90 - 1010Sierra Leone1.7Yes-8.7546.48110.081:50.082/17/2024FGD90000PAYRGun RunnerBrant Peter M. Magnier Mrs. John Tabor Michael Smith Derrick Westerberg and Smith Brook T. Brown, Chad Gaffalione, Tyler $9.96$57.15$86.78
Chart Spring 20244/6/202411Turf ALWC8.50 - 72Running Bee1.5Yes-2.548.97102.961:42.962/3/2024TAMT8.50038PAYREnglish ChannelCalumet Farm Brown, Chad Gaffalione, Tyler $14.90$12.74$17.49
Chart Spring 20244/7/20241Dirt MSW2YO4.50 - 1111The Queens M G45.4No0.12545.8452.4452.44FTSFTS00000TDDSThousand WordsAcevedo, Israel Acevedo, Israel Calleja, Andres $212.09$427.16$836.64
Chart Spring 20244/7/20242Dirt STRSTR60 - 71Hocus7.3No246.3971.121:11.1211/10/2023CDD60001CDTSArcharcharchThompson, Michael Thompson, Michael Cannon, Declan $28.39$56.72$46.23
Chart Spring 20244/7/20243Dirt STRSTR70 - 107Barksdale1.6Yes146.5287.601:27.603/8/2024TPAWS60100KEESStreet SenseCypress Creek Equine Walden, William Gaffalione, Tyler $19.90$38.03$50.67
Chart Spring 20244/7/20244Dirt AOCNW1X8.50 - 88Landed3.7No0.548.33105.851:45.852/18/2024AQUD80000KEEROmaha BeachLael Stables Ward, Wesley Velazquez, John $35.66$106.76$105.38
Chart Spring 20244/7/20245Turf ALWNW2$X5.50 - 124Run for the Hills2.1Yes-0.12545.4463.241:03.243/3/2024GPT50627PMMSRunhappyBarber, Gary Casse, Mark Ortiz, Jose $9.17$24.34$26.13
Chart Spring 20244/7/20246Dirt MSW3YO8.50 - 124Sidamara1.2Yes-4.2547.50106.281:46.283/6/2024GPD80000PAYRArrogateJuddmonte Mott, William Ortiz, Jose $54.38$600.13$303.36
Chart Spring 20244/7/20247Turf STKPalisades S.5.50 - 126Fandom (GB)7.8No-3.544.5362.831:02.836/20/2023ASCT60012KEESShowcasing (GB)Stonestreet Stables LLC Ward, Wesley Ortiz, Jose $123.14$347.88$644.27
Chart Spring 20244/7/20248Dirt STKG2MiddleGround Capital Beaumont S.70 - 61Denim and Pearls1.8No-246.4186.541:26.542/3/2024OPD8.50000CDSInto MischiefRed White and Blue Racing LLC Cox, Brad Prat, Flavien $18.30$14.98$21.76
Chart Spring 20244/7/20249Turf ALWNW1X80 - 129Justifiable Belle9.3No-247.7596.251:36.258/19/2023ELPT100017SKYRJustifyValley Partners LLC Wilkes, Ian Saez, Luis $57.28$216.12$126.94
Chart Spring 20244/10/20241Dirt MCLMCL60 - 77Spiritual Lady4.3No-0.12546.0872.681:12.683/2/2024OPD80002KEESNyquistWycoff, Jordan Sharp, Joe Gaffalione, Tyler $50.13$25.31$62.52
Chart Spring 20244/10/20242Dirt MSW2YO4.50 - 121Raise the Bar1.1Yes345.6552.1752.17FTSFTS00000KEESMaclean's MusicScharbauer, Douglas Ward, Wesley Velazquez, John $14.76$528.62$187.88
Chart Spring 20244/10/20243Dirt STRSTR60 - 52First Hill3.6No-2.545.4171.121:11.123/6/2024TPAWS61615TPSWest CoastBasler Thomas J. and Pohl Dennis Watkins, James McKee, John $10.66$0.00$17.27
Chart Spring 20244/10/20244Dirt MCLMCL90 - 99Top of the Street1.9Yes-0.547.31112.841:52.843/23/2024OPD8.50000OPRStreet BossMJM Racing and Brookdale Racing Inc. McPeek, Kenneth Hernandez Jr., Brian $28.24$45.37$39.30
Chart Spring 20244/10/20245Dirt STRSTR60 - 1010Samarita2.2No1.546.1972.361:12.3612/2/2023FGD80000HAWSFirst SamuraiJ and N Thoroughbreds LLC Rodriguez, Jose Giles, Emmanuel $70.78$109.37$111.56
Chart Spring 20244/10/20246Dirt ALWNW1X80 - 62Malibu Springs5.5No0.547.7498.161:38.163/20/2024GPT8.50013PMMRQuality RoadStribling, Marianne Sweezey, J. Cheminaud, Vincent $15.87$9.81$19.77
Chart Spring 20244/10/20247Dirt AOCNW1X8.50 - 61Native Land2.9No-1.547.02104.011:44.013/9/2024OPD90000KEERMasteryCheyenne Stable LLC Mott, Riley Alvarado, Junior $11.16$9.74$12.26
Chart Spring 20244/10/20248Dirt ALWNW2$X8.50 - 52Pipeline0.7Yes1.548.09104.141:44.141/27/2024GPT80002KEERSpeightstownGunther John D. and Eurowest Bloodstock Services DeVaux, Cherie Ortiz, Jose $4.35$0.00$6.34
Chart Spring 20244/11/20241Dirt STRSTR8.50 - 66Take Shape1.9Yes0.12548.17106.611:46.613/20/2024TPAWS82302KEERStreet SenseDugan-McNichol Racing LLC Sharp, Joe Ortiz Jr., Irad $9.86$7.08$11.81
Chart Spring 20244/11/20242Dirt MSW2YO4.50 - 77Perfect Shances0.5Yes246.4152.8652.86FTSFTS00000KEESShancelotCrawford Farms Racing Ward, Wesley Rodriguez, Walter $9.62$6.85$11.02
Chart Spring 20244/11/20243Dirt MCLMCL90 - 1010Tres Chic (ARG)4.8No-748.51118.671:58.673/27/2024TPAWS80203KEERSeahengeMagdalena Racing (Sherri McPeek) Lewis Tommie M. and Ball James McPeek, Kenneth Leparoux, Julien $132.46$258.19$255.48
Chart Spring 20244/11/20244Dirt MSW3U6.50 - 55Jefferson Street0.3Yes0.544.8776.651:16.653/2/2024GPD70000PAYSStreet SenseGodolphin LLC Mott, William Alvarado, Junior $9.76$0.00$6.02
Chart Spring 20244/11/20245Dirt CLM20NW2L8.50 - 102Welaka7.1No0.547.71105.621:45.623/22/2024TAMD70001TPRMalibu MoonMcGehee, Dede Danner, Kelsey Beschizza, Adam $47.08$250.92$92.35
Chart Spring 20244/11/20246Dirt ALWNW2$X8.50 - 61Ro Town2.6No0.547.73106.131:46.133/3/2024GPT82211PMMRMo TownRaroma Stable LLC Lynch, Brian Alvarado, Junior $33.81$47.36$65.04
Chart Spring 20244/11/20247Dirt CLM30C8.50 - 84Yono6No-1147.11106.821:46.822/3/2024TPAWS80601SKYRQuality RoadHumphries, Tommy Humphries, Tommy Machado, Luan $34.03$154.03$81.18
Chart Spring 20244/11/20248Dirt ALWNW3$X90 - 62Uncle Jake1.6Yes0.548.02110.671:50.673/7/2024TPAWS81100KEERUncle MoJKX Racing and Vaccarezza Racing LLC Vaccarezza, Carlo Rosario, Joel $26.31$32.69$43.48
Chart Spring 20244/11/20249Dirt CLM20NW2L8.50 - 97Rock Star Doctor5.1No-6.547.32107.971:47.971/27/2024TPAWS80101TPRConnectChase 'n Dreams Stable Maker, Michael Gaffalione, Tyler $77.71$191.12$185.34
Chart Spring 20244/12/20241Dirt CLM1660 - 85Tilted Towers2.1No344.6770.391:10.393/30/2024HAWD504414HAWSAtreidesMarsico Brothers Racing LLC Vanden Berg, Brittany Loveberry, Jareth $7.55$13.27$20.03
Chart Spring 20244/12/20242Dirt MCLMCL70 - 125Sharp Shot0.7Yes0.546.5185.091:25.093/1/2024TPAWS60200INDSSharp AztecaCalumet Farm Cox, Brad Concepcion, Axel $56.72$248.25$133.61
Chart Spring 20244/12/20243Dirt AOCNW2$X90 - 61Pyrenees1.6Yes0.548.61110.791:50.791/27/2024FGD8.50000KEERInto MischiefBlue Heaven Farm (Bonnie Baskin and Adam Corndorf) DeVaux, Cherie Hernandez Jr., Brian $10.65$29.73$21.78
Chart Spring 20244/12/20244Dirt CLM80NW2L70 - 92Harrodsburg0.7Yes1.544.9583.521:23.527/1/2023BELD80000KEESConstitutionTwin Creeks Racing Stables LLC Atras, Rob Ortiz Jr., Irad $7.80$44.86$23.35
Chart Spring 20244/12/20245Dirt ALWNW1X8.50 - 54Just Better1.2Yes-0.12548.28106.261:46.262/24/2024FGT8.50011CDRJustifyWhisper Hill Farm LLC Asmussen, Steven Dettori, Lanfranco $5.23$0.00$7.55
Chart Spring 20244/12/20246Dirt MSW3YO6.50 - 122Kehoe Beach1.2Yes144.7777.591:17.591/31/2024TPAWS60100KEESOmaha BeachBachman, Thomas Ward, Wesley Velazquez, John $12.93$77.31$55.06
Chart Spring 20244/12/20247Dirt STKFanDuel Limestone S.5.50 - 88Hot Beach1Yes145.1665.701:05.7010/27/2023KEED60000PMMSOmaha BeachBoardshorts Stables LLC Lynch, Brian Ortiz, Jose $8.70$13.33$21.72
Chart Spring 20244/12/20248Dirt ALWNW2L70 - 115Suncroft7.4No0.544.6182.951:22.952/23/2024TPAWS61200KEESArrogateJuddmonte Cox, Brad Concepcion, Axel $28.46$435.17$298.88
Chart Spring 20244/12/20249Turf STKG1Maker's Mark Mile S.80 - 63Master of The Seas (IRE)0.8Yes-249.2097.101:37.1011/4/2023SAT800816KEERDubawi (IRE)Godolphin LLC Appleby, Charles Buick, William $7.60$8.33$12.88
Chart Spring 20244/12/202410Dirt STRSTR8.50 - 94Midnight Raid2.3Yes-149.21105.651:45.653/3/2024FGD8.320101CDRBrody's CauseSmall Batch Thoroughbreds Casse, Norm Lanerie, Corey $13.01$26.34$30.93
Chart Spring 20244/13/20241Dirt MCLMCL5.50 - 111Gloriette1.4Yes1.545.3064.741:04.741/31/2024TPAWS60200KEESMunningsBall Michael and Katherine G. Colebrook, Ben Machado, Luan $17.15$69.95$20.50
Chart Spring 20244/13/20242Dirt CLM80NW2L70 - 65St. Benedicts Prep1.9Yes-245.4285.121:25.122/28/2024TPAWS80202KEESFlatterArapahoe Thoroughbreds LLC Colebrook, Ben Machado, Luan $12.50$8.90$18.11
Chart Spring 20244/13/20243Dirt MCLMCL70 - 94Sir Greylind14.5No0.545.6187.881:27.88FTSFTS00000CDTSSpeightsterColwell James Chanley Ryan and Post Time Thoroughbreds Forster, Grant Gutierrez, Reylu $75.01$206.18$115.61
Chart Spring 20244/13/20244Dirt MSW3YO6.50 - 99Red State3.3No0.12545.8978.651:18.65FTSFTS00000CDSCity of LightParadise Farms Corp. Staudacher David Haynes Kevin and Wagner Jana Maker, Michael Saez, Luis $18.34$101.33$123.27
Chart Spring 20244/13/20245Turf MSW3YO8.50 - 129Ready for Shirl7.9No-9.546.40103.391:43.39FTSFTS00000PAYRMore Than ReadyFipke, Charles Attfield, Roger Geroux, Florent $64.30$68.29$96.89
Chart Spring 20244/13/20246Dirt AOCNW2$X8.50 - 61Magical Lute7.1No-548.65104.551:44.552/17/2024GPD8.50000SKYRMaclean's MusicWhitham Thoroughbreds LLC Wilkes, Ian Hernandez Jr., Brian $55.73$14.87$46.96
Chart Spring 20244/13/20247Turf STKG3Giant's Causeway S.5.50 - 127Roses for Debra1.8Yes-444.2962.791:02.7911/4/2023SAT53446PAYSLiam's MapCheyenne Stable LLC and O'Meara John Clement, Christophe Ortiz Jr., Irad $21.46$123.15$66.81
Chart Spring 20244/13/20248Dirt AOCNW3$X8.50 - 63Frosted Departure4.6No0.547.51104.091:44.092/24/2024OPD8.50001KEERFrostedR.T Racing Stable McPeek, Kenneth Leparoux, Julien $48.66$59.58$119.31
Chart Spring 20244/13/20249Turf STKG1Jenny Wiley S.8.50 - 1010Beaute Cachee (FR)25.8No148.65102.901:42.9012/3/2023DMRT800317PAYRLiterato (FR)Madaket Stables LLC Dubb Michael and Louis Lazzinnaro LLC Brown, Chad Dettori, Lanfranco $104.08$252.64$313.89
Chart Spring 20244/13/202410Dirt STKG3Stonestreet Lexington S.8.50 - 97Encino3.3No147.28103.931:43.933/2/2024TPAWS8.52300KEERNyquistGodolphin LLC Cox, Brad Geroux, Florent $10.59$101.66$83.77
Chart Spring 20244/13/202411Turf ALWNW1X8.50 - 114Royal Majesty (GB)3.2Yes-447.55103.571:43.573/2/2024GPT80013CDRFrankel (GB)Besilu Stables Mott, William Alvarado, Junior $17.13$185.93$106.38
Chart Spring 20244/14/20241Dirt MCLMCL70 - 95Windy Walk10.5No-5.545.5184.531:24.532/8/2024TPAWS80200TPSMunningsPerkins, Richard Davis, Christopher Ortiz, Jose $66.75$296.28$331.94
Chart Spring 20244/14/20242Dirt CLM30NW2LX70 - 77Trust Daddy1.5No-0.545.5689.311:29.311/12/2024TPAWS604110SKYSBird SongDouble O Racing Murphy, Conor Prat, Flavien $63.41$186.27$241.72
Chart Spring 20244/14/20243Turf MSW3YO8.50 - 121Cameo Performance1Yes-446.29102.651:42.6511/1/2023DUNAWS70100PMMROscar PerformanceDetampel Marc and Galvin Fergus Walsh, Brendan Gaffalione, Tyler $9.26$71.11$49.92
Chart Spring 20244/14/20244Dirt MCLMCL70 - 64She's a Saint6.6No-0.12547.4886.681:26.682/22/2024TPAWS6.50301HPTSCatholic BoyB C Stables Dunn, Stephen Concepcion, Axel $13.18$18.60$21.25
Chart Spring 20244/14/20245Turf ALWNW2$X120 - 117Utah Beach2.6Yes-651.24150.162:30.162/28/2024GPT121214KEEREnglish ChannelAmling Jeffrey S. and Merriebelle Stable Correas IV, Ignacio Rosario, Joel $19.10$28.43$53.74
Chart Spring 20244/14/20246Dirt CLM508.50 - 77Yo Daddy3.6No-447.66105.881:45.883/2/2024FGD8.50013KEERYoshida (JPN)Big Chief Racing LLC and Rocker O Ranch LLC Desormeaux, J. Lanerie, Corey $61.78$233.01$126.28
Chart Spring 20244/14/20247Turf ALWNW1X90 - 112Lady Emily Kathryn21.8No-1.547.78109.781:49.782/24/2024GPT80215KEERFrostedRamsey, Kenneth Joseph Jr., Saffie Alvarado, Junior $104.92$926.81$686.07
Chart Spring 20244/14/20248Dirt STRSTR70 - 95Pure Panic3.3No-1.545.2484.101:24.102/28/2024TPAWS617213KEESSummer FrontFoster Family Racing Miller Douglas E. Wargel William J. and R.K. Eckrich Racing LLC Foster, Eric Gaffalione, Tyler $19.43$67.77$70.27
Chart Spring 20244/14/20249Turf ALWNW2$X120 - 81Ohana Honor1.6Yes150.63149.112:29.113/2/2024GPAWS90115PAYRHonor CodeWest Point Thoroughbreds Woodford Racing LLC and Hudson Jr. Edward J. McGaughey III, Claude Prat, Flavien $6.58$57.84$26.47
Chart Spring 20244/17/20241Dirt MSW3YO8.50 - 63Low Country Magic2.7No149.90107.231:47.23FTSFTS00000KEERGood MagicHaymarket Farm LLC Correas IV, Ignacio Ortiz, Jose $10.00$29.81$39.28
Chart Spring 20244/17/20242Dirt CLM1690 - 86The Thunderer10.5No-0.548.28111.661:51.663/15/2024TPAWS8.521004CDTRBlameFirst Rodeo Racing Molloy, Thomas Ortiz, Jose $48.14$41.89$68.71
Chart Spring 20244/17/20243Dirt MSW3U8.50 - 61Neon Icon5.1No-1.547.75107.081:47.08FTSFTS00000KEERArrogateBromagen II Glen S. and Dahir Michael Arnold II, George Saez, Luis $23.45$15.69$36.95
Chart Spring 20244/17/20244Dirt MSW2YO4.50 - 81Jet Sweep Joe1.6Yes0.546.1152.8652.86FTSFTS00000KEESFrostedHall Stables LLC McEntee, Paul Saez, Luis $29.21$17.33$29.17
Chart Spring 20244/17/20245Dirt CLM30NW2LX70 - 92Outofnothingatall2.3Yes246.7990.461:30.462/28/2024GPT7.50102KEESSuper SaverHammer Kathleen W. Toner Gina and Brady James R. Toner, James Ortiz, Jose $16.86$36.39$37.54
Chart Spring 20244/17/20246Dirt STRSTR60 - 65Popperina1.2Yes-446.4871.901:11.903/24/2024OPD60000OPSCalifornia ChromeBlackRidge Stables LLC Moquett, Ron Gaffalione, Tyler $6.00$3.74$10.03
Chart Spring 20244/17/20247Turf ALWNW1X90 - 112What Say Thee1.1Yes-2.549.02110.171:50.173/3/2024GPT813211CDRSea The Stars (IRE)Paradise Farms Corp. and Staudacher David Maker, Michael Saez, Luis $11.43$45.81$15.08
Chart Spring 20244/17/20248Dirt MCLMCL70 - 65Indy Magic4No-3.546.3985.221:25.22FTSFTS00000KEESGood MagicIronhorse Racing Stable LLC O'Neill, Doug Machado, Luan $13.71$16.62$36.14
Chart Spring 20244/18/20241Dirt MSW3YO8.50 - 65Liam's Journey1Yes-0.548.47106.241:46.242/24/2024GPT7.50006CDRLiam's MapHui Michael M. Forte Phil and Yocum John H. Maker, Michael Rosario, Joel $7.85$6.64$20.08
Chart Spring 20244/18/20242Dirt MSW2YO4.50 - 51Ultima Grace0.2Yes346.7553.4853.48FTSFTS00000KEESAmerican PharoahFor the People Racing Stable LLC Ward, Wesley Velazquez, John $8.62$0.00$13.51
Chart Spring 20244/18/20243Dirt MCLMCL70 - 101Sabrina4.4No-4.2546.0684.641:24.6412/17/2023AQUD60000KEESMalibu MoonBaccari Racing Stable LLC Walsh, Brendan Rosario, Joel $44.64$204.71$100.10
Chart Spring 20244/18/20244Dirt CLM50NW2L8.50 - 76Our Dream Rye'd4.1No-1.547.10105.571:45.572/28/2024TPAWS100319KEERMore Than ReadyRedeemer Racing Walden, William Ortiz Jr., Irad $10.75$13.59$12.52
Chart Spring 20244/18/20245Turf MSW3YO8.50 - 111Waves of Mischief2.6Yes-1.547.12101.501:41.50FTSFTS00000PMMRInto MischiefQatar Racing LLC Walsh, Brendan Gaffalione, Tyler $26.10$83.92$88.21
Chart Spring 20244/18/20246Dirt MSW3U8.50 - 61Unlimitedpotential2.9No0.547.18104.801:44.803/27/2024GPD6.50000PBDRUnion RagsRepole Stable and St. Elias Stables LLC Pletcher, Todd Gaffalione, Tyler $12.43$8.37$10.00
Chart Spring 20244/18/20247Turf ALWC5.50 - 94Awesome Treat51.9No-3.2543.8361.961:01.963/16/2024TPAWS631501TTCSAwesome PatriotSikand Rakesh S. and Sikand Kumud S. Wojczynski, Justin Corrales, Gerardo $287.32$1,042.73$725.58
Chart Spring 20244/18/20248Dirt CLM406.50 - 93The Distractor8.8No145.4476.931:16.933/24/2024TAMD60200PMMSExclusive QualityM and W Stables LLC Breen, Kelly Rosario, Joel $33.73$53.15$83.02
Chart Spring 20244/18/20249Turf MSW3U5.50 - 1110Niki Nine Doors25.4No244.0762.171:02.173/13/2024TPAWS6.50200KEESCairo PrinceRittdiculous Gazmanian Stable (Ryan Ritt) Davis, Christopher Cedillo, Abel $423.59$1,496.22$921.91
Chart Spring 20244/19/20241Dirt MCLMCL70 - 43She's Splendid3.9No-0.12547.0286.581:26.583/9/2024TPAWS60401CDSRace DayBowman, William Tomlinson, Michael Gaffalione, Tyler $7.12$0.00$0.00
Chart Spring 20244/19/20242Turf MSW3U5.50 - 125Monsieur Candy16.7No0.544.2762.641:02.643/10/2024FGT5.50001KEESCatalina RedDees, William Cohn, Alice Lanerie, Corey $74.47$212.01$181.22
Chart Spring 20244/19/20243Dirt CLM1660 - 51Wupkar0.7Yes0.12545.7271.761:11.763/3/2024FGD60011KEESBindSanders Wayne and Hirsch Larry Calhoun, W. Hernandez Jr., Brian $4.65$0.00$5.02
Chart Spring 20244/19/20244Dirt MSW3YO60 - 106Save the Trees12.7No-10.545.1471.601:11.60FTSFTS00000TTCSPreservationistThe Estate of Brereton C. Jones Mackey, Wayne Machado, Luan $62.53$76.96$99.70
Chart Spring 20244/19/20245Turf ALWNW2$X80 - 117Evan Harlan22.5No-1.547.3895.811:35.813/16/2024FGT802212TPRTemple CityFeld, Sean Walsh, Brendan Morales, Edgar $155.93$468.11$659.25
Chart Spring 20244/19/20246Dirt AOCNW1X60 - 62Emery0.5Yes-1.546.1371.061:11.0610/7/2023BAQD80000CDSMore Than ReadyStonestreet Stables LLC Cox, Brad Gaffalione, Tyler $5.30$8.46$18.06
Chart Spring 20244/19/20247Turf ALWC5.50 - 107Oceanic6.1No-644.1062.321:02.3212/15/2023TPAWS602419CDSConstitutionSurfside Stables LLC Blair, Jordan Gutierrez, Reylu $34.40$196.39$65.76
Chart Spring 20244/19/20248Dirt ALWNW1X8.50 - 88Cagliostro2.8No-0.12548.34103.891:43.899/24/2023RPD90000KEERUpstartTwin Brook Stables Ingordo David West Point Thoroughbreds Manganaro Bloodstock Nice Guys Stables Runnels Racing SH RacinDeVaux, Cherie Ortiz, Jose $5.98$8.21$8.71
Chart Spring 20244/19/20249Dirt STKG3Baird Doubledogdare S.8.50 - 71Raging Sea2.8No-1.548.62104.241:44.2411/25/2023AQUD90000KEERCurlinAlpha Delta Stables LLC Brown, Chad Prat, Flavien $42.40$25.30$48.97
Chart Spring 20244/19/202410Turf ALWNW2$X80 - 1010Northern Invader1.5Yes147.9995.231:35.233/16/2024FGT80025KEERCollectedWest Point Thoroughbreds and Ingordo David DeVaux, Cherie Ortiz, Jose $10.85$20.40$35.13
Chart Spring 20244/20/20241Dirt MCLMCL60 - 81Put the Crazy Away5.2No-2.545.7372.721:12.723/16/2024TPAWS80501TPSMalibu MoonGirten, Tim Girten, Tim Cedillo, Abel $20.97$19.29$34.86
Chart Spring 20244/20/20242Dirt MSW3YO60 - 1211Winakaching3.8No-0.12546.5671.711:11.713/28/2024TPAWS60100CDSDialed InPhillips Racing Partnership Romans, Dale Garcia, Martin $193.49$1,751.14$1,124.87
Chart Spring 20244/20/20243Dirt AOCNW1X60 - 64Mr Skylight1.1Yes0.12545.5971.001:11.003/16/2024GPD60000KEESPractical JokeVegso, Peter Mott, Riley Alvarado, Junior $5.76$4.36$6.35
Chart Spring 20244/20/20244Turf ALWNW1X5.50 - 125Baraye13No-0.543.9662.231:02.231/26/2024TPAWS60201KEESMidshipmanAmo Racing USA Ward, Wesley Velazquez, John $104.52$815.20$133.00
Chart Spring 20244/20/20245Dirt CLM3290 - 75Systemic Change1.7Yes-648.03112.201:52.203/1/2024AQUD9.50000BELRGhostzapperKlaravich Stables Inc. Brown, Chad Ortiz Jr., Irad $10.92$19.83$17.01
Chart Spring 20244/20/20246Turf ALWNW2$X80 - 111Misread6.7No-446.2794.641:34.648/27/2023ELPT8.50014CDRBlameClaiborne Farm Drury Jr., Thomas Saez, Luis $45.16$259.05$73.42
Chart Spring 20244/20/20247Dirt MSW3YO70 - 76Sarir3No146.5389.501:29.502/11/2024AQUD6.50000KEESAmerican PharoahMoulton, Susan Ward, Wesley Velazquez, John $12.15$21.07$29.11
Chart Spring 20244/20/20248Turf STKG2VisitLEX Elkhorn S.120 - 99Silver Knott (GB)5.8No-150.56147.372:27.3712/2/2023DMRT911211KEERLope de Vega (IRE)Godolphin LLC Appleby, Charles Prat, Flavien $25.85$52.63$25.65
Chart Spring 20244/20/20249Dirt STKG3Ben Ali S.9.50 - 94Kingsbarns1.7Yes-3.548.57117.741:57.743/2/2024GPD70000PBDRUncle MoSpendthrift Farm LLC Pletcher, Todd Saez, Luis $9.54$59.62$73.91
Chart Spring 20244/20/202410Turf ALWNW1X5.50 - 1211All I Want Is You5.9No-8.2544.1762.651:02.653/9/2024TPAWS6.50115KEESThe FactorMarjac Farm Evans Tom Forrest Dr. Ted and Burke Joseph Correas IV, Ignacio Prat, Flavien $19.50$281.45$173.76
Chart Spring 20244/21/20241Dirt STRSTR8.50 - 65Sittin On Go1.4Yes-148.42106.031:46.033/30/2024AQUD110102BELRBrody's CauseJacobson, David Jacobson, David Ortiz Jr., Irad $11.41$5.96$22.57
Chart Spring 20244/21/20242Dirt MSW2YO4.50 - 81Dreamaway0.5Yes0.12546.4253.4153.41FTSFTS00000KEESFlameawayOxley, John Ward, Wesley Velazquez, John $4.46$4.50$6.55
Chart Spring 20244/21/20243Turf MSW3U80 - 128Segesta2.3Yes-2.546.9895.031:35.033/9/2024TAMT80002KEERGhostzapperJuddmonte Brown, Chad Ortiz Jr., Irad $11.17$42.82$44.21
Chart Spring 20244/21/20244Dirt MCLMCL8.50 - 118Sensible Choice29.5No-547.65107.021:47.023/30/2024TPAWS80401TPRStreet SenseNeises, Richard Greenhill, Jeffrey Machado, Luan $137.75$749.02$332.04
Chart Spring 20244/21/20245Turf ALWNW1X5.50 - 1210Clear the Air24.6No-2.543.3861.461:01.463/30/2024OPD62501TPSRansom the MoonCypress Creek Equine Walden, William Rosario, Joel $113.12$295.56$303.59
Chart Spring 20244/21/20246Dirt MSW3YO70 - 66Dragoon Guard0.7Yes-0.12546.3187.391:27.399/22/2023CDD70000CDSArrogateJuddmonte Cox, Brad Geroux, Florent $4.74$4.25$5.26
Chart Spring 20244/21/20247Turf ALWNW3$X90 - 87Girl Named Charlie6.1No-2.547.35106.911:46.913/23/2024FGT8.500312KEERMaclean's MusicCaroom Jerry and Lambert Jeffrey Schultz, Lindsay Geroux, Florent $76.07$107.79$157.50
Chart Spring 20244/21/20248Dirt AOCNW2$X60 - 115Saffa's Day3No-2.545.0471.011:11.014/5/2024AQUD60003BELSCarpe DiemJacobson, David Jacobson, David Ortiz Jr., Irad $84.34$1,436.64$378.89
Chart Spring 20244/21/20249Turf MSW3U80 - 108Coco Crush6.1No-347.1495.951:35.959/2/2023NAVT80002PMMRWar FrontHeider Family Stables LLC Walsh, Brendan Ortiz Jr., Irad $16.71$103.43$47.87
Chart Spring 20244/24/20241Dirt CLM20NW2LX60 - 63Enjoyment12No-645.8573.151:13.153/27/2024TPAWS60500TDDSTapizarTerrazas, Eduardo Gorostieta, Cirilo Cannon, Declan $63.01$92.93$117.14
Chart Spring 20244/24/20242Dirt MSW2YO4.50 - 97Tapit First9.9No-346.3253.2953.29FTSFTS00000KEESTapitWinchell Thoroughbreds LLC Asmussen, Steven Asmussen, Keith $19.94$41.32$33.18
Chart Spring 20244/24/20243Dirt MCLMCL8.50 - 93Mo Rhodes7.6No-4.547.68105.761:45.763/2/2024GPD70000CDRQuality RoadWest Point Thoroughbreds and Albaugh Family Stables LLC Romans, Dale Garcia, Martin $64.83$291.93$300.43
Chart Spring 20244/24/20244Turf MSW3U80 - 101Relampago Verde26.9No147.2296.141:36.143/21/2024OPD8.50000KEERBolt d'OroWalking L Thoroughbreds LLC McPeek, Kenneth Hernandez Jr., Brian $84.75$251.34$225.18
Chart Spring 20244/24/20245Dirt MCLMCL60 - 107Tiger's Legacy6.4No145.4770.751:10.753/16/2024TPAWS6.50102TPSInto MischiefWalmac Farm Davis, Christopher Rosario, Joel $33.65$116.78$188.02
Chart Spring 20244/24/20246Turf ALWNW1X120 - 98Holy Foley4.6No-8.548.06149.782:29.784/7/2024KEET801112PMMRPoint of EntryPerrine Time Thoroughbreds Lynch, Brian Velazquez, John $26.93$383.60$217.11
Chart Spring 20244/24/20247Dirt AOCNW2$X60 - 62Accede1.8No-145.1470.711:10.7110/14/2023KEED6.50001KEESInto MischiefJuddmonte Brown, Chad Ortiz Jr., Irad $6.26$1.80$7.06
Chart Spring 20244/24/20248Turf MSW3U80 - 125Decanted12.9No1.547.4795.821:35.823/23/2024TPAWS80207TPRKitten's JoyThree Diamonds Farm Maker, Michael Garcia, Martin $62.63$244.85$141.19
Chart Spring 20244/25/20241Dirt MCLMCL8.50 - 53Surface to Air1.1Yes-0.549.91106.811:46.8111/24/2023CDD7.50103CDTRMidshipmanSilverton Hill LLC Miller, Darrin Prat, Flavien $24.14$0.00$21.49
Chart Spring 20244/25/20242Turf MSW2YO5.50 - 1211Into Diamonds6.6No-345.0863.291:03.29FTSFTS00000CDSInto MischiefBarber Gary and Eclipse Thoroughbred Partners Casse, Mark Ortiz Jr., Irad $42.45$54.67$112.38
Chart Spring 20244/25/20243Dirt CLM508.50 - 43Sugoi2.2No-0.549.11105.821:45.822/17/2024TPAWS1041137CDRKarakontie (JPN)Sparks, R. Hiles, Rick Saez, Luis $7.22$0.00$0.00
Chart Spring 20244/25/20244Dirt CLM20NW2L60 - 88Berlaine2Yes-2.2547.2673.461:13.464/5/2024KEED70014TPSCongratsAlexis Claire Racing Services LLC Claire, Alexis Lanerie, Corey $14.53$91.28$50.58
Chart Spring 20244/25/20245Turf ALWNW1X120 - 109Champagne Juan4.5No-449.03149.032:29.032/28/2024GPT121102PAYRJustifyR.T Racing Stable Clement, Christophe Ortiz, Jose $38.71$153.83$89.61
Chart Spring 20244/25/20246Dirt STRSTR8.50 - 77Beaumont Red7.8No147.23105.881:45.882/22/2024FGD8.50001CDRTexas RedRespect the Valleys LLC Desormeaux, J. Riquelme, Jose $35.03$54.93$61.32
Chart Spring 20244/25/20247Dirt AOCNW3$X70 - 55Bourbon Heist1.9No-146.0982.721:22.722/3/2024TPAWS6.52501SKYSPractical JokeBourbon Lane Stable (J. Hill M. McMahon) Wilkes, Ian Ortiz Jr., Irad $11.47$0.00$18.50
Chart Spring 20244/25/20248Turf ALWNW1X9.50 - 97Style Points2.3Yes-647.92115.301:55.303/9/2024TAMT8.50014PAYROscar PerformanceCheyenne Stable LLC Clement, Christophe Rosario, Joel $16.63$19.42$24.63
Chart Spring 20244/25/20249Dirt MSW3YO60 - 1010Plum Tricky2.6Yes-0.546.5272.291:12.293/16/2024FGD60000CDSSpeightstownRock Ridge Racing LLC Stewart, Dallas Hernandez Jr., Brian $117.48$757.95$471.58
Chart Spring 20244/26/20241Turf MSW2YO5.50 - 117Saturday Flirt1.1Yes-4.545.1863.351:03.35FTSFTS00000KEESMendelssohnWard, Wesley Ward, Wesley Ortiz Jr., Irad $51.98$406.49$105.71
Chart Spring 20244/26/20242Dirt MSW2YO4.50 - 86Burning Pine0.7Yes245.8152.1752.17FTSFTS00000KEESNyquistHat Creek Racing Ward, Wesley Rosario, Joel $67.06$280.02$420.15
Chart Spring 20244/26/20243Turf ALWNW1X80 - 98Excellent Question3.8No-4.2547.6495.351:35.351/31/2024GPT8.50114KEERSpeightstownBradley Thoroughbreds Laura Leigh Stable Finder Gary and Cambron Equine LLC Walsh, Brendan Ortiz Jr., Irad $21.30$66.35$92.61
Chart Spring 20244/26/20244Dirt MSW3U60 - 105Barbara T1.1Yes145.9570.361:10.367/30/2023DMRD5.50000SASArmy MuleThe Warnick Stable and Hinkhouse Joseph A. McCarthy, Michael Prat, Flavien $26.12$234.19$65.62
Chart Spring 20244/26/20245Turf ALWNW1X9.50 - 1010Nomos5.3No-0.548.43114.451:54.453/1/2024GPD90014PBDRUncle MoWertheimer and Frere Pletcher, Todd Ortiz Jr., Irad $27.30$148.83$127.26
Chart Spring 20244/26/20246Dirt ALWNW1X60 - 82Mullikin2.3No145.5369.681:09.687/30/2023ELPD60000KEESViolenceSiena Farm LLC and WinStar Farm LLC Brisset, Rodolphe Prat, Flavien $20.40$110.30$91.20
Chart Spring 20244/26/20247Dirt MSW3YO60 - 1111Where Ya At Vince11No-0.12545.1871.261:11.26FTSFTS00000KEESPaynterForge Ahead Stables LLC Catalano, Wayne Ortiz, Jose $110.80$180.12$217.27
Chart Spring 20244/26/20248Turf STKG3Bewitch S. Presented by Keeneland Sales120 - 61Chop Chop3.5No-349.67147.802:27.803/23/2024TPAWS8.52423KEERCity of LightSelective LLC Cox, Brad Concepcion, Axel $24.39$23.65$33.91
Chart Spring 20244/26/20249Dirt AOCNW3$X70 - 125Royal Spa3.8Yes-446.3587.851:27.853/30/2024OPD60000KEESViolenceBreffni Farm Brisset, Rodolphe Prat, Flavien $47.98$202.44$132.60
Chart Spring 20244/26/202410Turf ALWNW1X9.50 - 114Izzy d'Oro12.7No0.548.42114.681:54.683/23/2024GPAWS8.51103KEERGet StormyKelly Blake Gellenbeck Joseph and Russo Isidoro Kelly, Blake Ruiz, Jorge $73.10$246.80$134.60

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Race Date
Date the race was run

Race No
Race number on the card that the race was contested.

Track surface the race was run over.

Race Type
Class of the race, ranging from maiden, claiming, starter allowance, allowance or stakes.

Extended Race Type
Specific conditions of the race.

Distance of the race in furlongs (note 1-mile equals 8 furlongs).

The recorded tempterature at the time of the race.

Rain Fall
The amount of rain that had fallen at the track, if any at the time of the race.

Gallop Master
Indicator that the track surface had been groomed prior to the race.

Field Size
Number of competitors to start the race.
Practical Application: Knowing the field size can help a handicapper determine how a race was run. For instance, shorter field sizes historically favor front-running speed horses. Larger fields tend to produce larger payoffs, given increased competition and a more spread-out wagering tote board.

Winning Post Position
Which position in the starting gate the winner broke from.
Practical Application: Knowing which post positions, inside and/or outside, have been more successful at different distances can be far more advantageous to a handicapper than general post position stats for all race distances and surfaces.

Name of the winning horse.

Final odds of the horse listed “to 1” as in 2.0 equals 2-to-1 odds.
Practical Application: Discover which races handicappers have zeroed in on, and which ones continue to produce blockbuster payoffs.

Was the winning horse favored in the betting?
Practical Application: Knowing where the public has failed to identify winning favorites can unlock big prices, while helping a handicapper identify “false” favorites.

Half-mile Position
Distance the winner was from the leading horse after a half-mile was run in the race. If leading, the number will be a positive number. If trailing, the number will be a negative number. For example, a horse two lengths behind the leader at the half-mile point in the race will be denoted as -2.0. For calculation purposes, a neck is considered one-quarter of a length.
Practical Application: Which running style has proven most effective for each race type and distance? This key information can help horseplayers project today’s contenders who have the right style to be successful.

Half-mile Time
Official track “split” time for the opening half-mile of this race (in seconds).
Practical Application: Sharp handicappers can create par times, or averages, for class and distance in creating their own pace figures, or simply use this data as a gauge as to how fast or slow a particular race may have been run.

Final Time
Official track clocking for the final time of this race (in seconds).
Practical Application: Find out at-a-glance “what it takes” historically to win a race at this class and distance, and compare that with today’s field to see who might be capable of reaching or exceeding the par times.

Last Race Location
Where the winner last competed, using official 2-3 letter track abbreviations. First-time starters are denoted as FTS.
Practical Application: Find out which venues produce the most successful runners for each class level, distance and surface.

Last Race Surface
Surface the winner last competed over, either All-Weather, Turf or Dirt.
Practical Application: Many horses will be changing surface when coming to the Polytrack surface from their most-recent start. You can analyze how turf-to-all-weather or dirt-to-all-weather runners have fared in terms of reaching the winner’s circle.

Last Race Distance
Distance the winner raced at in his or her most recent start.
Practical Application: Discover what distances and races are prime spots for horses stretching out in distance, or turning back in distance, by looking at the winner’s profiles.

Prior All Weather Surface Wins
Number of previous victories on synthetic tracks by the race winner.
Practical Application: Gauge the level of emphasis that winning experience on an all-weather surface has on each class and distance.

Prior All Weather Surface Starts
Number of previous starts on synthetic tracks by the race winner.
Practical Application: Gauge the level of emphasis that previous racing experience on an all-weather surface has on each class and distance.

Prior Turf Wins
Number of previous victories on turf by the race winner.
Practical Application: Gauge the level of emphasis that winning experience on the turf has on each class and distance.

Prior Turf Starts
Number of previous starts on turf by the race winner.
Practical Application: Gauge the level of emphasis that previous racing experience on the turf has on each class and distance.

Last Workout Location
Track or training center where race winner turned in his or her most recent published a.m. workout.
Practical Application: Find out if gaining local experience over an all-weather surface in morning workouts gives horses the edge at each class and distance.

This allows you to filter route races (1 mile or longer) vs. sprint races

Winner’s Sire
The sire of the winning horse.
Practical application: Allows you to filter which sires are most successful at particular distances or conditions

Winner's Owner
The winning owner

Winner's Trainer
The winning trainer
Practical application: Allows you to filter which trainers have the most success based on certain criteria

Winner's Jockey
The winning jockey
Practical application: Allows you to filter which jockeys have the most success based on certain criteria

Exacta Payout
The exacta wager payout for this race based on a $2 wager

Superfecta Payout
The superfecta wager payout for this race based on a $2 wager

Trifecta Payout
The trifecta wager payout for this race based on a $2 wager
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